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Anton Trading in Partnership with Construck Systems & Technology & Red Shadows aims to be a complete solutions provider for the Middle East in supplying products in the fields of Mining,Construction and Oil & Gas. We are constantly looking to add new products to our offerings and expand our capabilities in the region. Due to our knowledge of the local markets, networks and other inroads into the region, we are looking for partners would like to join hands with us to further utilize our abilities.


We are currently inviting competent manufacturers and suppliers from across the world in the mentioned fields to set up business operations in U.A.E and Oman. Our business model is one that creates a win-win situation. Below are the salient features of the setup.


Anton Trading  will sign an agreement to promote the manufacturer’s products in either U.A.E, Oman and other countries in the region.

Anton Trading shall invest in Office set up, hiring of sales and marketing personals and other expenses for starting a comprehensive sales operation.

We shall arrange meetings, meet up with clients, market and promote the products in the region.

We shall receive the RFQs on manufacturer’s behalf, price it(with manufacturer support) and complete the negotiation(if needed)

Once the order is placed, we request the manufacturer to fulfill the order as per the clients request

Manufacturer wouldnt need to enter or invest anything in the middle east and thus safe from the local market conditions


For knowing more about setting up offshore business centers, market knowledge and to partner with us in the M.E, please email contactanton@me.com or info@anton-solutions.com or call him on +968-(90) – 980392 or +1-(650)-646-7697 or to locate our office click here

Due to us being present locally and operations managed by native citizens, we can act as the immediate local contact for enquiries regarding manufacturer’s product. With dedicated marketing and sales team to back up the presence, it is tantamount to the manufacturer being present in the country locally and that translates into a host of advantages due to the below reasons.

Various new government policies promote procurement from within local territories.

Certain government projects gives the right of first refusal/availability to the local vendor before entertaining international vendors.

Most private companies give preferences to companies present locally due to ease of communication and further dealings

We can scan the markets for opportunities more closely than being abroad.

Clients are more assured of the performance and guarantee for the product if locally based.

Face to Face meetings at proper intervals increases the trust factor in reliability.

Since we have a host of products, the clients find us as the one stop solution and thus given increased preference while procurement.


Thus Anton Trading makes it possible to promote your products in a new country and start a local office for sales and support by spending the minimum resources and lowers the exposure to the risk of market volatility. Depending on the growth, we can add technical support in our offering by training sufficient personnels to handle the after sales technical service and support which can translate into savings on overall operations. In short, we can be your outsourced trading and technical service outpost in the Middle East region.


If you are looking to start sales and marketing operations in the M.E directly without setting up offshore sales offices and would like to have direct control of the business and strategy and set up own offices, please refer to our Foreign Investment section for various opportunities or click here


For knowing more about setting up offshore business centers, market knowledge and to partner with us in the M.E, please email contactanton@me.com or info@anton-solutions.com or call him on +968-(90) – 980392 or +1-(650)-646-7697 or to locate our office click here


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