Sustainability Theory

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Various sustainability theory has been defined by various studies and authorities. At Anton Solutions, we believe in the ‘Tripartite Concept of Sustainability’.


For a product to be considered sustainable, it has to satisfy the sustainability parameters of three realms.



The product/end use should sustain the social aspects and ambitions of the ecosystem. This is achieved by maintaing constant levels of employment and other social aspects that supports the society. Giving the share of benefits to every strata of society assures a healthy population with equal opportunities



The financial aspects of the product determines if the product is good value for money. Speculative pricing is avoided along with lower expenses for intangible efforts and thus lowering the production costs which is passed onto the consumer. This ensures that the right amount of money enters the system and stays in the same.



Last but not the least, environmental benefits acts as the platform for joining both the above realms. All activities,components, efforts must be lesser in energy requirements and safe for the environment which should continue during the overall lifetime of the product.




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