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Anton Solutions believes in the concept of a complete home. A complete home is the next idea in housing solution and redefining the concept of a house. It is the progress of a house from mere concept of sheltering to one that provides you even your needs of survival.

Anton Housing aims to explore this aspect to bring you the ultimate housing solution that protects you not only from Heat, Rain and other weather conditions but also from fuel price hike, inflation,energy dependence, natural calamities and much more. It is this innovation that propounded Anton Housing to become the next generation housing provider and the one and only unique concept of complete home.

In these times of uncertainty and global turmoil, it is only such innovative ideas that can take mankind to the next generation of living experience. As the symbol of adaptivity, mankind must consider the state of the world and the changes so as to develop solutions to convert those changes into advantages.


Let us see how an ordinary house can transform to a complete home.



Houses must to meet the energy requirements of the occupants by atleast 70%. This would avoid dependence on grid electricity which has unpredictable supply. Also, this avoids houses to contribute to the green house effects if the electricity is generated from fossil fuels.Lower power demand leads to lower break down of supply lines and helps utilize the available energy more efficiently.

Anton Solutions thought of utilizing the unused real estate of your house which receives 1000 of units of energy but never utilized in the right way. The roof is always a wasted area and why not make the roof create the energy for you?

Solar Panels on the roof is not a new concept and has been around from some time. But it is time to start intergrating them into the power supply of the house and aligning the roof for efficient solar insolation for solar panels. The result is clean and renewable energy without depending on the grid power.

Anton Housing creates houses with inbuilt solar panels and arrangements optimized for maximum efficiency that you never feel Solar Power is an extra accessory. It will work with your existing power meter and infact feed back excess power into the grid thereby helping industries to utilize the much needed power.

Every houses produces waste in various forms. Though we have the concept of BioGas and its utilization, why not integrate them into your house kitchen? Wouldnt it be  wonderful so deposit all your wastes into a small cabinet inside your kitchen itself which will produce the biogas and supply it for your own cooking needs without having to search for plastic bags and discard it outside which can severely harm the sanity around? Don’t worry, no one will even know of a BioGas plant inside house, thanks to our custom made units which will perfectly fit aesthetically and economically inside your kitchen.

Ofcourse, Solar Panels can also help you in using Electricity based cooking options like induction stove and similar products.

Also, if you want to invest more in solar panels to give more power, it is perfectly acceptable as you wouldnt need much change in wiring or roofing as our houses are designed to accommodate up-gradations. Such an investment can let you recharge your electric cars(which is set to be come the model for the next generation) which will ultimately cut you off from fuel price for transportation. That is what we call complete freedom to not depend on external utilities for cooking gas, auto fuel or electricity. And this house will help you to achieve that.

Water requirements:

When rainwater collection is such an admired concept, why not have it as a standard feature of the house rather than having to do extra plumbing later? Anton Housing integrates rain water collection into the design of the house so that each drop that touches the area of your house is channelled to the collection point for further use. This way, you dont spend more on water procurement.

To not be contended with that, we also install waster water treatment to reutilize the water as procuring water could be costly or energy intensive depending on the region. This ensures that you have a steady supply of water even during times of uncertainty.


Earthquake Friendly and Easily Reconstructable. 

Our houses can withstand fairly strong earthquakes and even the resultant damage is easily rebuildable. Due to the ability to reuse products and the technologies that permit faster reconstruction keeps your safe from financial burden as well.



That is Anton Housing’s concept of a complete home. A home that transforms your lives and changes the way your needs increases.



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