Awareness Needed For Renewable Energy to succeed

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Be it be home , office or industries natural resouces are the lifeline of our economy. But the frequent price rise in petrol, diesel and other fossil fuels. Our future seems to be back in the stone age.

Even after so many technological advancements renewable enrgy only 17.7% of total energy consumption comes from renewable sources. If I were to choose adjectives to describe it, I would find myself in short off words. The timeline of 21st century, on the very prima facie, we have become techno freak and not to forget, we always strive for luxury. Be it in office, home or at any corner of the word. We want our things done on the tip of finger. If had we been given a chance to let our robot do the talking, we defiantly would have ended up making our robot consuming our part of oxygen. Lets our lungs rest for a while, after all we all live in generation of technology.

Well, how it feels to imagine that I have a car, but I don’t have fuel to start up car’s engine. I have fan hanging in the ceiling of house, but I don’t have electricity supply in my house to run the fan. Don’t think the reason for this shortage to be some financial crises, but defiantly energy crises.

This might sound epitome of craziness to majority. To me and to everyone else the situation is not too farfetched. A day will come when we have to relocate ourselves to the Stone Age. The situation will very soon become worse than a dessert.

Everyone is well aware of the existence of natural resources. For example fuels have become part and parcel of our daily lives. It is imperative to understand what a critical role they play in the functioning of the world. Take the transportation industry for instance: the waterways, roadways, airways and rail transport all depend upon petroleum products for movement. And gas is still the chief medium of cooking for household kitchen.

A rise in the global population and a consequent increase in demand for oil and gas have meant that a heavy premium is levied on the usage of petroleum products. Worse, the increased usage of gasoline has resulted in the release of poisonous chemicals into the earth’s atmosphere, not sparing the water bodies which get heavily polluted by petroleum based industries.

So, the search is on for safe, renewable sources of sustainable energy that won’t pose any hazards in the long run. Efforts are also on to find effective means for creating green energy, meaning energy that is environmentally less damaging. For example, wind energy, solar energy, hydro energy can be tapped and channeled from different natural sources either to generate power (through solar cells, wind turbines, etc.) for myriad applications. These sources are inexhaustible, unlike petroleum and its derivatives, which are getting used up faster with each passing day.


What more do we except from our Mother Nature? We have been blessed with incredible numbers of flora and fauna and not to forget, because of us only, the same Mother Nature has lost end number of species. Many of the species have gone extinct and many of them are on the verge of extinction. If that is the effect of revolution, then defiantly we are not less than curse to our Mother Nature.

Has anyone ever thought of situation of being extinct? We call ourselves to be the most social and intelligent animal. The adjectives for being a human are always taken in positive connotation. If that is what human and it humanity all about, then I’m ashamed of being a human. If I were born as an animal, I would have done good to the Mother Nature.

All what we are starving to achieve something in one or the way round is for our future generation only. If this legacy to exploit the very Mother Nature subsists in the same way, then we should not even dare to think that our future generation could enjoy any parcel of the very Mother Nature.

Being a human, we don’t forget to claim our rights if it gets infringed. But what about Nature’s right? Does anyone expect that Mother Nature will claim its right on its infringement? What happened to the principle of equity? Have these principles been propounded to decorate the literature legacy? Why Nature is seen as an object? Can we afford ourselves to be regarded as an object? Had we been in the situation of Mother Earth, we would have never tolerated the injustice being done.

If we don’t start considering the injustice being done to our Mother Nature, then we should be ashamed of calling ourselves Nature’s child. We are searching life on Mars and other plant at the cost of losing our very Mother Nature. Mother Nature has been so affectionate to us that we have been blessed with renewable sources. The Door has not been closed yet if we start shifting to the use renewable resources in every possible way.

Let the technology upgrade you, not degrade you.

Every moves count, even if it’s small one.

As it has been rightly said, it better to be late than never. So go green.


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