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Sustainable Townships

We are in plans to develop townships and gated communities to develop a better accessibility for people who wants to live with like minded people. All the houses would carry the same benefits of being green,energy efficient and reduced dependency on grid power source both on the fronts of cooking gas and electricity. Such an idea would create the basis for the truly sustainable living community which is sustainable in every aspect and not just at the time of building.


Township complements our idea of ability to order houses of your choice and get them built at the designated location with the minimum complications. This would also help in keeping the expenses lower due to various factors which is ultimately passed on to you.


Township would also be equipped with additional features like rain water collection facility for ground level water spillage, integrated drainage, solar powered street lights, alternative sources of energy for additional power, kitchen gardens and a host of other environment friendly and sustainable living options.

Aesthetic Streets


All townships are built on carefully selected plots and designed to give the maximum space efficiency and shadowless sun. These projects are completly approved by the relevant authorities of the respective states and in full compliant with safety and regulatory features.




Salient Features for townships are as given below.

Collective Solar Panel Power System

Market area for local farmers and villagers to sell the produce directly

Collective waste water treatment from all houses via predefined methods & drainage

LED Street Lights

Asphalt Roads

And all other standard amenities.





Custom Contracting is an additional service we provide to extend our services to those who wish to build green houses using our technology but would like to have it built according to own ideas and design.


Our building technology guarantees the minimum savings of upto 30% as against conventional methods. Also, it helps to cut the construction time by close to 40%(subject to plan approval and subsequent reviews). This supporting facility helps everyone to achieve a green dream realization while keeping up the individual dreams of own houses intact. Currently, we do this on a case to case basis after identifying the savings prospect of the existing house design and related plans.


We offer all the support right from design review to completion of the house construction.



Salient features:

Faster Construction

Lesser Labor costs

Green Building Components

Better Finishing

Earthquake Resistant

Better Insulation

Energy Efficient


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