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Our approach in the development stage is very innovative and clinical. We identify every problem with an understanding that all solutions exist in the problem.


We study a situation in controlled environments to give an idea of a predicted climate and its results. We look into various of natures own systems to see how various transformations and energy sharing is possible. We try to replicate the same systems into our solutions.


The solution develops in various stage and various studies are conducted at various levels. We create a schematic diagram of how the system should work and channel our energy into identifying solutions to create a technical product out of the diagram. This involves a series of trial and error. Such developed system is developed in to a virtual 3d model to study about the various flaws and technical capabilities.


Various methods are employed by our team based on the technology but the basic concept followed by our team is based on the below stages















Post Schematic Analytics













Materials Management






Tests are conducted at various levels to stamp the course of our experiment to see if its in level with the expectations. Initial tests would be based in the Lab conditions to study the movement of the rotor blades and its efficient in converting the maximum kinetic power to electricity. These systems are then deployed at test sites for a longer period of time to check its physical durability and other onfield practical implications. The findings are all recorded. Some times the tests include taking trips to several treacherous terrains to gain the near accurate reading of water flow and velocity to develop the systems to withstand the expected water force.


The field results thus obtained is compared with the objectives and then qualifies it for mass production. We perform stringent checks on both the efficiency and the reliability of the product.






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