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Product Code 1GN1


This is a special system for use in houses which can power the houses with 1kw of electric power.  The panels are made of poly crystalline panels. The system is inclusive of the charge controller and the inverter. The batter bank is an optional choice.


Product Code 1GN2


This is an advanced system with 3kw of available power during the hours of sunshine. The panels are made of poly crystalline panels and includes all standard components. The battery bank is also optionally available,



These products are available in mono-crystalline form as well and helps in saving the area required due to better efficiency of those panels.


If you have a custom requirement,we can suggest the best solutions and implement the most cost efficient systems. To know more, please click here.


Please view our entire catalogue here.

Product Code 2GN1


This is a versatile power generation device capable of producing 1.2 kw power in a stream of 5 feet water at velocity of 3m/s



This product is currently undergoing tests and would be available for commercial supply soon.


We are in the process of developing various hydrokinetic systems that can power from 1kw to 50kw in a single unit. Such systems are deemed fit to be placed in any flowing water body above the water velocity of 1.5 m/s and a water level of minimum 5 feet. A series of such systems can provide medium to large scale power supply. Please watch this space in future for the update.



We are currently in the process of developing indigenous economic wind power systems. Do check back later.




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