Plastic Polymer Emulsion (PPE)

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One of the challenges faced by the construction industry is finding an alternative for the traditional expensive road construction methods, roads and pathways are a must for any construction activities so as to gives access and also for permanent usage after completion. We supply a scientifically engineered product – Plastic Polymer Emulsion PPE as a replacement solution to beat the existing costly road construction.

The product is licensed from the United States of America and as Anton Solutions Private Limited being the leading manufacturer and supplier of PPE we take utmost care in the preparation and development of the product under stringent regulations and safety measures.

PPE is an organic compound that, with combination of Waste Oil or bitumen when mixed with in-situ soil helps modifies the physical properties of the soil, making it coarser and stronger after compaction.

PPE helps in reducing construction time considerably and also brings down the overall environmental impact of the entire road construction process and thus makes PPE an eco-friendly product for environment friendly Road construction.

We supply in barrels or Mild Steel Drums with a capacity 210 lit/piece.

Please find the technical details here.

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