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A Modern Home

Ever wondered about a house that could produce power for itself? Ever wondered about a house that could provide you with cooking gas or drinking water? Ever wondered about a house that can stand even an earth quake? Ever wondered about a house that consumed less than 50% of the energy of traditional construction while constructed? Ever wondered about a house that could be built in a month or rebuilt in days after destroyed by natural calamities? Ever wondered about a house that shelters you in the truest sense?


Welcome to Anton Housing!


Anton Housing is perhaps arguably the only company who treats environment friendly features not as an aspect but the core concept. We create supremely affordable and true environment friendly houses with excellent features that probably no other company on this earth would have imagined.Everyone regardless of being rich or poor deserves a place to live. This world belongs to everyone .That is the philosophy of Anton housing.In these times of real estate booms and credit crunch, Anton Solutions found the right balance to keep the interests of the common man alive.


Our houses feature predesigned solar power systems, biogas systems,LED lighthing, rainwater collection and a host of other environment and economic friendly features. All these are packed in a specially designed maximum area efficient house plan at an extremely affordable price. No more confusion regarding the features and pricing as we are here to set new standards in what a true home needs to be.


Furthermore, we also aim give a completely new experience in selecting and designing your house. In other words, purchasing your house would be as simple as ordering a pizza online. Please come have a look at what we have got for you

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