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The LED technology has matured into delivering a successful and robust product. We use the cutting edge and superior technology for our production line. By investing a great deal into […]







Vision for Future

  Anton Solutions is gearing up to take this world to the next level of lifestyle and technology. Until now, we have been complacent with what we had and thought […]

Tribal Welfare

  One of core areas of our interest in social development is promoting employment among tribals. Due to various obvious reasons, the education and related opportunities have still not penetrated […]

Sustainability Theory

  Various sustainability theory has been defined by various studies and authorities. At Anton Solutions, we believe in the ‘Tripartite Concept of Sustainability’.   For a product to be considered […]


  Anton Clothing started as an outsourced manufacturer of apparels of leading brands at that time. After continuously demonstrating the superior quality of work it was only a matter of […]


  Anton Solutions had to find its own distinctive path into creating its own mark. Due to the heavy carbon foot print left by the fossil fuel powered systems along […]



Energy Economy


Connecting Worlds

Imagine a remotest village in the mountainous terrain in northern India without even a road or an electricity connection boasting of the facility of a hospital, e-school or even a […]

The Complete Home

  Anton Solutions believes in the concept of a complete home. A complete home is the next idea in housing solution and redefining the concept of a house. It is the […]


  The future presents us with an amazing opportunity to improvise and grow higher. With considerable spending on R&D to develop innovative solutions across sectors like Energy,Housing and Lighting, the […]


  Anton Clothing has been exporting clothes from many years. Wether own brands or outsourcing order, exports forms a major part of our revenue and an integral part of our […]