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Sea Level Increase Maintained By Using Less Fossil Fuel Power Systems

This article brings forth the understanding of fossil fuel power system to the readers and its correlation to sea level. Fossil Fuel: These fossil fuels are formed through natural process […]

Saving On Electricity Bill Through Alternative Energy Systems

This paper details the reader about the different types of alternative energy system and how this is essential in many ways to the human race to keep the economic consideration […]

Rivers originating from Himalayas

With around 15,000 glaciers storing up to 12000km3 water and combined drainage basin covering 18 countries providing shelter to almost 3billion people, it wouldn’t be any wrong to call Himalayas […]

Researches in Hydrokinetic Turbines

Inroduction Kinetic energy ( energy of motion ) is converted in to mechanical work from long ago . The use of energy of water is considered to be first form […]

Renewable Energy Systems Reducing Global Warming

The vast majority of energy producers used these days is non renewable. This is the unkind truth and we should be concerned about its penalty for the humankind. Non renewable […]

Rural Electrification In India

The following potential landscapes to be use for hydro kinetic turbines: Underwater Underwater and above-water noise sources consist of boat, ship and barge activity linked with transporting workers, materials, and […]

Potential Landscapes to use Hydro-kinetic Turbines

The following potential landscapes to be use for hydro kinetic turbines: Underwater Underwater and above-water noise sources consist of boat, ship and barge activity linked with transporting workers, materials, and […]

Oil Spill and Its Effects

Let us first try to understand the definition of oil spills. According to many definitions proposed oil pollution incident means an occurrence or series of occurrences having the same origin, […]

New Renewable Energy Ideas

Technological advancements in the field of Renewable Energy gave rise to the development of Non – Conventional Renewable types of energies. These are still under development and research. They may […]

Large Scale Solar Power Generation

This paper intends to brief the reader about the solar energy and its use at a large scale. This would also discuss the process of generation of power gained through […]

Involving the villagers into energy conservation and renewable energy

Despite of many developments and reforms in energy sector, the rural people still don’t have proper access to energy services. Developing countries have been working towards power sector reforms, and […]

Hydro Kinetic Turbines against Dam

This paper is an explanation of hydrokinetic turbines used for the generation of electricity as against the Dams. In order to move ahead on the following discussion, essential concepts needs […]

Fuel Cells for Home Usage

Fuel Cells: this device generates electricity through the use of hydrogen and oxygen through a polyelectrolyte process for the purpose of generating electricity, heat and water. This hydrogen that is […]

Fish Friendly Hydro-Kinetic Turbines

This paper is about understanding the nature of turbine which shall be used to generate electricity but is also keeping certain impacts into considerations. Hydro-kinetic turbines are the turbines which […]

Environmental Aspects of Dam Construction and Operations

Dam: A dam is massive wall creating a barrier in order to confine the water within its structures. This is a wall which halts the flowing water and creates a […]

Electrifying an Isolated Village – Challenges

This paper attempts to discuss about two topics in particular. Firstly ways in which an isolated village can be electrified and secondly the challenges associated with it. However to be […]

Difference between AC and DC and its advantages/disadvantages

As the name suggests, this paper explains about what AC and DC is and difference between the two and their advantages and disadvantages. To look at it more carefully, lets […]

Hydro-kinetic turbines

In order to understand the concept of hydro-kinetic turbine, it is first essential to understand the origin of the word Hydro-kinetic turbine. This word is a generation of fusion of […]

Awareness Needed For Renewable Energy to succeed

Be it be home , office or industries natural resouces are the lifeline of our economy. But the frequent price rise in petrol, diesel and other fossil fuels. Our future […]

Indian Governments Incentives For Renewable Energy Supplied To The Grid

This paper attempts to discuss in brief about the incentives used by the Government of India for the supply of renewable energy to the grid. This article will consider the […]