Solar based Power backup system for industries

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Solar energy is used for various purposes , these days it is widely utilized technically in creation of systems which would be helpful for power backup. Solar technologies are mostly described as either passive or active solar based, on the way they capture, transfer and give out energy. Active solar techniques are , such as use of photovoltaic panels & solar thermal collectors which can hold power together. Passive solar techniques get used to configure to the Sun, selecting equipment with good quality thermal mass or light scattering properties and designing spaces that can circulate air naturally.

Principle of conversion of DC power in to AC

Use of solar power for systems which are innovated & employ by producing electricity power called as DC power . There is a fixed charge controller in batteries by which it is stored. DC power is converted  to AC power with the help of an  inverter. For a specific period this power is distributed among the load.



Solar energy systems are function with capability of storing battery for a long period is utilized for varied applications such as in residences , industries throughout the world. As it provide numerous range of appliances like for lighting purposes , computer systems, building and communication equipments , home appliances etc. It is of great use for the purposeful appliances where a backup is required urgently.

As mentioned above the best systems can be produced which can convert DC power in to AC. And can be operated for everyday use appliances as PV- generated electricity. An inverter can act as a best power backup system bases on this principle. The battery is charged with the help of PV modules & supplies power to the load during day time. A charge controller is paced to avoid overcharging . This charged battery can be utilized anytime for power even during clowdy days and night.

Another Important application is LED , also called as Light Emitting Diode. It is very usefull semiconductor device . It used  for various purposes like aviation lighting, automotive lighting, traffic signals, general lighting . LED are also used for video displays & also useful in advanced communications technology these days. Infrared LEDs are used in remote control units as well. For commercial  purposes also like DVD players, T,V & other domestic devices.

There are various machines & systems innovated with the use of solar power in industries which are based on common principle of generating solar power into electricity and used worldwide such as :

Solar Furnance :- A solar furnace is most commonly used structure for Industries these days with the use of concentrated solar power in order to produce high temperatures with the help of Parabolic mirrors or heliostats care used to a concentrate light onto a focal point.. The world’s largest solar furnace is situated at Odeillo in the Pyrénées-Orientales in France. It is utilize an collection of plane mirrors in order to gather sunlight & shimmering it onto a large curved mirror. The law of reflection. For manufacturing purposes solar furnaces’ can be used in space also.

Dye-sensitized solar cell A dry sensitized solar cell has unique features it is semi flexible, semi transparent which is an added value to it as it can be well used for glass based systems. It is comparatively economical as made up of low coast materials. A good replacement than other machines as it because of light weight glass collector .

Concentrated solar power – Mirrors or lenses are used to concentrate a large area of sunlight in to a smaller area . When solar light fall in to the lens/mirrors the concentrated light energy is converted in to heat energy . This energy is utilized to drive a steam turbine / heat engine . This engine now is connected to an electrical power generator. This is the basic principle which is used by concentrated solar power in order to generate electricity.   It is also called as solar thermo electricity produced by steam .   With this principle, solar concentrators can be utilized for heating and cooling purposes in industries for example sola r air conditioning.

Parabolic trough: A parabolic trough comprises of a linear parabolic reflector, it deliberate light in to a focal line of the reflector on receiving end. A parabolic mirror is fixed , above it is the a tube filled with working fluid. During daylight the reflector captures light & let the fluid to be heated up to 350 °C   . This heat source is further utilized for power generation. The best suited example for commercial parabolic trough plants used is the Solar generating system plants is in California. Fresnel reflector: In this type of solar s ystems many thin mirror strips passes sunlight in to the tubes from side to side working fluid is drive in to  . These   flat mirrors let supplementary reflective surface with same quantity of space as a parabolic reflector. This way it captures enormous sunlight & further utilized for power generation. It is quite cheaper than the parabolic reflectors.

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