Environmental disasters related to pollution

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Environmental disasters related to pollution

A fair amount of disasters are caused by pollution   . There are numerous examples of environmental disasters which are found   in History & left tremendous blunder behind . Environmental pollution cause by the wastes due to the activities of the  human beings are   increasing day by day. The problems of  pollution  has been reaching to considerable point due to a large quantity of wastes which is  generated time to time from the natural disasters . There are various forms of such disasters like  volcanic activities,earthquakes natural forest fires, flooding, tsunami, tornado , Industrial leakage, damage & demolition of factories and heavy materials/ Industries etc.

In view of the fact  these wastes are generated in enormous amounts in a very short time period . Their management in both economically and environmentally sound manner is difficult (Petersen, 2004). On the other hand, if they are not managed properly immediately, it is assured that they become a threat for   both to the environment and public health ( Srinivas and Nakagawa, 2008).  Mixture of large amount of toxic gases like cloroforocarbons, Methyl iso cynate and carcinogenic gases emitted from the damaged factories causes air pollution & led to many diseases. The cycle for such disasters keep in to continuation like the wastage & the irritating odors from the dead bodies   , gases mixed in air, contaminated drinking water and environment. These reasons are well enough to spread the epidemic . Thus damaged and demolished factories   . These  disasters also lead to spread the pattern of diseases to both human beings, animals, birds, Biodiversity and marine life.  . Also the life around is connected with water supplies , sewage systems , constructed buildings etc. Thus sanitation and hygiene may be compromised due to population displacement , overcrowding and the total services completely interrupted.

It is likely to mentioned further that there are many environmental disasters happened in History that toll a lage amont of human life and caused serious hazards. This can be well understood by some destructions caused in past like The Bhopal gas tragedy ( The Union Carbide gas leak ) In India still fresh in minds. 1984 city of Bhopal in Madya Pradesh county, India. At midnight, a poisonous gas cloud renegade from the Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL) pesticide factory. The gas cloud enclosed 15 metric tons of methyl isocyanate (MIC) up to 30 square miles area. It killed at least 4.000 local residents right away and caused health problems like oedema to 50.000 people.. Research conducted by the BBC in 2004 pointed out that this pollution even today causes people to fall ill, some  more to die every year. Diseases are common suffering people in this disaster happened area than the normal one.This was one of the known  worst industrial environmental disaster which have ever occurred

Chernobyl: Russian nuclear power plant explosionIn Ukraine April 26, 1986  was a black day due to the nuclear tests that  80 miles from Kiev.
killing of  31 people due to high fire & explosion. The atmospheric air got contaminated from harmfull chemicals  polluting soil , air & water .

Oil spills best examples of such disasters experienced in this century – Amoco Cadiz in 1978 Liberian super tanker Amoco Cadiz trapped on Portsall Rocks  ,coast of Brittany, France as the steering mechanism failed. & lead to destruction of the  marine life including beaches were badly polluted by oil & fall over the entire coastline. Piper Alpha In 1988 a blast happened on the oil and gas production platform Piper Alpha of Occidental Petroleum Ltd. In Texaco North Sea which kills 22 whales.

The Gulf War :In  1990 war between Iraq &  Kuwait led to Gulf War with allegiance of 34 nations worldwide   In 1991  Iraqi forces committed environmental disaster. It causes huge disaster to environment with one million of oil spread in Persian gulf, poisoned & killed  20.000 seabirds. It lasts up to several months causing loss of  marine flora & fauna .  Disasters are created by humans in the form of chemical waste dump as well. In 1920 a Industry named  Hooker Chemical had curved an area in Niagara Falls & convert it in to  a municipal and chemical dumping spot. In 1953 the site was crammed and comparatively modern methods were functional to coat it. Love Canal families frequently experienced miscarriages and birth imperfection.  & this was the famous the love canal chemical dump.

Natural environmental Disasters:  From centuries, epidemic act as a natural   mechanism to toll death & have led to calamity. Eruption such as  the plague and Spanish flu lead to a  unforgettable death toll in History. Such eruptions can be observed as a usual method to limit population & this was the global epidemic. Compounds of Arsenic in Bangladesh caused serious drinking problems from a long time led to the spread of pathogens such as cholera and dysentery. After several years of applying groundwater as drinking water over a quarter of the Bangladeshi population exhibited symptoms of arsenic poisoning commonly known as  the  Bangladesh arsenic crisis.

The 2004 Asian earthquake and tsunami :- We have also  experienced a natural environmental disaster in December 2004  9-9,3 on a Richter scale lead to destruction  in Asian countries. Starting from cost of Sumatra Indonesia centered in Indian ocean   leading to entire planet to vibrate . A  series of harbour waves called Tsunami more than 30 meters high were enough to  washed ashore & toll many lives in countries like Maldives, Myanmar, Sri Lanka , Thailand, Malaysia. death estimated  between 230.000 and 310.000 people.  It has very high impact not only on humans but our ecosystem coral leafs, rock formation , biodiversity and also not leaving the ground water.


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