Canals and Streams for power generation using Hydrokinetic turbinesr

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Canals and Streams for power generation using Hydrokinetic turbines


Canals are cost-effectively sterile channels constructed for the useful purpose of draining rainwater and snow melt   . In actual terms it is far away from main   rivers and the main objective behind delivering it to farmers, factories, and  households . The experimental hydrokinetic turbine is an model of an upcoming technology that can rapidly become commonplace   in the canals that network large swaths of countries. Irrigation canals are best location for Hydrovolts hydrokinetic turbine.

In this process as the basic principle follows, as soon as water streams down the canal,  a turbine connected to it  spins , which in turn generates electricity . The device is set up on the  right above canal’s concrete floor.  This is widely used in U.S for example Roza canal in Washington here Hydro volts turbine was set up. This canal is connected with the Yakima river which delivers approx 136,000 acres of farmland in entire Washington. Hydrokinetic technology is yet to be  in its formative years but  power generated  canals is useful in reducing the amount of fossil fuels  utilized to manage the water.

Benefits  :-

Hydrovolts turbines can offer communities electrical power required in necessary amount . Even though a single working   Hydrovolts   turbine    can cover   some houses only for  generating power.

Some related issues & opportunities around :-

Next to the river , stream flowing millions of people live & they require sustainable development. Looking in these aspects   the hydropower dams proved to be damaging environment & high implications on people residing next to the water bodies  . Thus the local community requires clean energy for sustainable development. Moreover these dams are much more cost effective  . Thus for canal  hydrovolt turbines proved to   be much more   environment friendly   . Canal offers steady flow of water  , & it does not contain wastage and remains . Thus putting up   hydrovolts turbine in a canal is far much simpler technique than placing it in natural stream.

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