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Welcome to Anton Holdings. Founded in 2011 is the holding company for all the Anton Group Companies.We are currently Head Quartered in Prague, The Czech Republic. Anton Holdings is the majority share holding entity in its group portfolio and is continuously investing and developing companies creating next generation technology which are committed to being environment friendly,sustainble and socially responsible. Through our various collaborations, we have partnered and owned offices across Middle East, Europe and Asia

Our subsidiaries specializing in various industries across the world are

Anton Solutions s.r.o

Anton Solutions Pvt Limited

Anton Energy s.r.o

Anton Homes s.r.o

Construck Systems & Technology LLC / Anton Infrastructures U.A.E

Red Shadows LLC/ Anton Infrastructures Oman

Noya Apparels Pvt Limited/ Anton Clothing

We cater to the sectors that forms the foundations of the factors that drives the growth of the economy of country. It is this idea that our venture is not a company but a place to find solutions.

“Every problem that existed was purposed to find its solution. At Anton Solutions, we just fulfill that purpose”

Our idea of revolution has just started. Do watch out this space for more updates as it happens. We want to bring the revolution to you!

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