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One of the main factors we look into is affordability as we believe energy should be available for everyone. In our areas of expertise we are the only services provider but even for the sake of comparison we stand at much more economic value than many. We have tried to shed out lot of unnecessary media and advertisement from our marketing systems as we believe that an effective product doesnt require marketing but the customers would make up for the same.


Our products are low cost in terms of capital cost, implementation and operation. Our revolutionary hands on approach to customers reduces our technical support cost which is again passed on to the customers. We have decided to keep our margin low for greater accessibility and exposure to the mass market. Also due to various training methods and technical support tools, the after sales service cost is covered and thus helps us in keeping the prices low without affecting the quality.



One of the main reasons of our cost effectiveness factor is having developed our own technology. Licensing an outside technology or trading an external product didnt look like the kind of solution that our customers wanted due to the price factors.


We decided to do the research study and develop our own systems that could be suited for each eco-systems as earlier mentioned and thus helped us to control the cost once the product is developed. This also helped us to use less complex and local components to establish the right quality within acceptable costs.



The heart of our system efficiency is supply chain. Due to making it compact than normal systems, our savings on transportation is worth mentioning as lesser size of packages means more pieces on a single shipment. The supply chain system is tweaked to create the most operational savings and also to reduce the inventory. Many discounted logistics service providing also helps us to keep our costs low which are always passed on to the customers.


Our supply chain has consumer specific features. It means that the nature of delivery depends on the consumers and many avoidable transshipments are avoided to give the lesser supply chain strain.



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