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A new age LED tube

The LED technology has matured into delivering a successful and robust product. We use the cutting edge and superior technology for our production line. By investing a great deal into the research, we develop the technology for the long lasting and efficient lighting solutions.


Science Behind LED



The LED is a semiconductor light source and its working principle is called ‘Electroluminescence’. Photons or light energy is emitted when a light emitting diode is ‘biased foward’ and thus enabling the combination of electons with electron holes within the device. Such a transfer of energy is highly efficient compared with traditional lighting sources.


The result is visible as it has been proved that LED lights consume lesser than 30% of energy consumed by a fluorescent lamp with the same luminous intensity or even 10% power consumed by an incandescent bulb. Furthermore, these LED lights have a longer life more than 10 times the life span of flourscent lamps and more than 20 times that of an incandescent light bulb resulting them to replaced only less frequently.

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