Message from Founder and First Sales Man

Dec 28, 2012   //   by admin   //   Anton Solutions  //  No Comments


“Purpose is the reason why we exist and everything happens for a reason. Buried beneath the imperfection that encloses our lives, we are dancing to the tunes of that very purpose that brought us to this earth. If a man ever has perfection, then it is in realizing that very purpose that brought him here.

There will be a time when everything we have saved would be consumed and everything we protected would be lost. It is at that moment we sit and wonder if the purpose of our life was to save that ultimately was lost. But little do we understand that, the purpose of saving itself is to loose as that completes the circle of action.

I dreamt of innovations that could change the world the way it lived and that journey has only started. I have realized my Purpose. Have you?, Anton

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