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Anton Holdings started as a concept quite many years back before its actual inception in 2011. As like every concepts, it took years to evolve to form into a solid business approach.Over the last few years  it as undergone various dynamic change to become the Anton Holdings s.r.o of today. The amount of time that was consumed in this process itself is the backbone of the business interests that we have ventured to.

Anton Holdings in todays world is an investment company, owning the majority shares in all the group companies set up by its Founder Anton Russel over the last year years. Hence Anton Holdings are spread across various region by way of subsidiary companies,parner companies and JV companies.

All Anton Holding companies are has a unique distinction for being socially and environmentally responsible while being economical feasible in its core areas of business which is a dream set forth by its founder Anton Russel and the practice has lead it to be corporate  very much mindful of its obligations to the society and world in general.


Anton Holding envisions a world where every systems, societies, gadgets, utilities and governing entities are all connected to each other in a symbiotic environment and each of them contributes to the functioning of other in an environment friendly, sustainable and economic way.


Our values that provides the way for our vision are embedded from the respect to humanity. Hence our values is what that makes us different.

Respect for Everything

Progress for Everyone

Peace for the World

Sustainability for the Earth

Profit from Satisfaction



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