Tribal Welfare

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One of core areas of our interest in social development is promoting employment among tribals. Due to various obvious reasons, the education and related opportunities have still not penetrated into their society to bring about a proper change. Thanks to various organizations and trusts, we are witnessing changes. But is always agreed that there is a very very big window of opportunity to bring them up. They also belong to our nation and very much entitled to the collective wealth and resources of the country.

We believe that ignoring the fact that they are uneducated, they are still an effective source of human resource. They are hardworking and dedicated in most cases and would definitely suit the case of a perfect employment. Also, it is only by bringing them up can we help them in giving a different life for their children and thus promoting them into being more quality citizens of the state.

Anton Solutions works hand in hand with NGOs to decide various modes of rehabilitation and providing permanent jobs suited for their capabilities. This also includes the fact that we invest in training to equip themselves with the right skill sets. Such an opportunity provides them a fixed monthly income which gradually elevates them from level of poverty and other issues. By providing healthcare and education opportunities, the community is given a new boost of power into developing into quality citizens.


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