Connecting Worlds

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Imagine a remotest village in the mountainous terrain in northern India without even a road or an electricity connection boasting of the facility of a hospital, e-school or even a bank?

Thats exactly what we are trying to achieve. We are here to connect the isolated worlds together. Everything is possible only with energy and energy is the driving force of all developments. But how do we bring transmission lines to 100s of kilometers through the treacherous mountains and forests? Even considering the resources being available, can we imagine the logistical nightmare or the design implementation not to mention the time frame to get the completion done.

This is where Anton Solutions come into picture. With innovative thinking Anton Solutions identified that the power can be created or harnessed to be put rightly even in remotest areas and thus completely avoiding the need of expensive and challenging process of rural electrification through grid power supply. With notably understanding the negative effects of centralization of power (refer here to know about decentralization benefits), it wouldnt be the effective and right solution.

Anton Solutions have innovated the renewable energy systems that they can harness the running flow of water, or the sun while it shines of the wind while it flows. Once such an energy system is available, we bring the magical world of internet and thus suddenly, a bank or a telemedicine kiosk or e-learning school is developed.  Once an unknown landscape now goes hand in hand with the progress of the country as effective governance is achieved with the world of networked communication.

Thus we are here to connect you to everyone and them to you.

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