Benefits of Renewable Energy to grid power supply

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Benefits of Renewable Energy to grid power supply

Renewable Energy production is helpful in    number of ways   . The various like solar , wind, hydro, biomass and proved to advantages in improving lives of people to a larger extent.  There   are numerous technology innovated to utilize RE for generating   electricity   .

Benefits from Renewable Energy Mini- grid system:

Production of Electricity – A new method to grid power supply  : A  Smart   Mini-Grid system is developed  for  optimum  use of controlled  distributed energy sources joint with sharp organization of loads in order to improve the competence and consistency of the on the whole mini-grid system .

It has better flexibility in loading as evaluate to the conventional grid system. It is noticeable that   power run from beginning to end following multiple routes, although it has   characteristics frequent to the conventional grid system. Though   different conventional   grid   system .

The arrangement also has the capability to take action automatically to complex troubles and reduce network disturbance. It can imagine and respond to agreement link problems and pass up   power outages, power value harms, and service   disturbance by real-time by  embedded sensors and automated controls.  The grid is also equipped with a self healing system that enables it to rapidly detect, analyze, respond to power disturbances and restore power supply.

-Thus such renewable power grids interconnecting renewable resources actually helps  in – reducing power outrages   , it also increase safety   , efficiency thus   improves reliability as well. It has  got  best use of reducing the fuel consumption & deduce carbon footprint to a large extent.

Other than Mini grid , other systems innovated  like biomass gasifier , Solar lanterns prompted to channelize good amount in to renewable energy to grid power supply and proved to be of excellent use fulfilling the current demand for power in far off areas.

Solar Lantens :- Lighting in remote areas away from the power grid. Solar lanterns are borrowed out through a village-based    entrepreneur   who   look   after   the essential solar charging location. The lanterns are serving generally focusing for socio-economic expansion of villages in a diversity of ways like spreading education, better income generating prospect, improving the conditions for women, children and healthcare as well. So that  the communities can   rely and manage their   requirement for   power   .




Charging Electrical Appliances :- It uses solar energy to produce electricity which is used for a diversity of function such as charging lanterns, powering appliances such as computer,  water purifier , mobile phone , batteries  etc.

Improving rural lives : It is an increasing Successful implementation of this agreement can release option for its replication in added parts of India and therefore assist in together saving precious agricultural produce and also enhancing village electricity supply.

Introducing educational empowerment  :- The ways in which power can augment rural lives cannot actually be substantiate. The renewable energy   lighting   system will not only improves life conditions but it also let go learning opportunity for children and social interaction as well.

Providing Health facilities :- Other than this many aspects such as  power provides much required sustainability to necessary community request such as  primary health centers  in panchayts  and ICT based rural information center.

Introducing Cold Storage  :-   Due to heavy production in agriculture there is need to store the crops , vegetables, fruits etc. . Thus the power production will help the farmers a influence to sell their crops at a improved price as now they will not have to look for remedy for suffering sale for the fear of spoilage of the products. The cold storage along with available electrical power opens up currently non-existent avenues for income generation. TERI’s efforts are now focused on creating sustainable business models so that these systems can be run by communities at village level. This would lead to further creation of employment opportunities and rural development.


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