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Consumer products have various standard models. But when it comes to houses, the market still do not have a similar feature to help us make our decision easier and comprehensive. In all probability, it is true that housing doesnt follow any standard feature concept and each project is described in various ways to distort the reality.


Anton Housing follows a revolutionary approach of housing from the customers perspective. Gone are the time for advertisements about skyline apartments and superficial luxury features along the lines of inflated real estate prices causing a confusion to compare between various housing options. We look through the consumer eyes and divided the housing option based on the available disposable income. Our idea is if a customer is earning a particular amount of money in an year, he/she should be able to afford a house that comes in that income level.


We are also trying to bring in a new change in the way a house could be booked. The customers will have options going through our gallery and choose the right model for them. We would like to give the luxury of customizing the house with various features and additions. The 3D model can be viewed finally. Once the checkout is done, your house will be ready in 30 days! Its that easy. Do check this space for the next update.

To be updated

To be updated


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