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Our services starts from training. Training the product is of dual side benefits. It helps the end user to take control of the situation to use his knowledge to resolve any issues that might arise and also to upgrade his knowledge on these aspects.


Our aspects of the training can be both on a real time presentation level or a predesigned multimedia content that is quite comprehensive and self explanatory. Such materials help the customer to recall the knowledge and thus saving time and also to avoid further delays to resolving the issues in waiting for an onsite support.


It helps Anton Energy to keep the costs lower which are ultimately passed on to the very customers we cater to. We conduct the training sessions pre-implementation and also post-implementation. Such a systemic approach empowers the beneficieries of such system to be well aware of its operational capabilities and technical aspects.


We train our customers on various fronts based on the technology chosen. The are made quite interactive with active participation from the local masses. Such drives helps us to connect directly to the local communities and helps us in localizing the product features.

Once our solutions are deployed on the site, we offer solutions to combat any outstanding issues that couldnt be resolved by the training that we have imparted. We can be contacted in the toll free number for getting information and get technical support for any functionality issues related to the same.

Furthermore, our website also has the knowledge base articles that can practically cover most of the issues that we could face with the products. These articles are self explanatory and many times described with graphical representations to make it easier. Further more, our YouTube channel contains more videos to give a multi-dimensional technical support. We look to offer you a wonderfull and memorable customer service experience.


Onsite Service is available for complex systems that couldnt be troubleshot or fixed through conventional means. Our technical team can take your request via the toll free number and book an appointment to have a look at the system. Onsite maintenance is one of our specialities which is not available in the market for any similar solutions

We strive give a complete solution to our clients. This includes giving a maintenance free period with our superior technology. In cases however due to the unpredictability of nature, our equipments can develop snags. Such a situation is considered critical to develop better and reliable systems. We assure you that we are constantly trying to improvise and such onsite services would be a few steps that could contribute to the same.




As part of our turn key solutions, we also offer the feasibility studies for understanding the requirement of any power system that could actually be developed. This feasibility study involves weather,temperature, power shortage, power requirement, water level, rain data and all other factors that plays an important role in determining the feasibility of the erection of any power systems. Such studies being conducted by the very engineers who develops the systems gives a better sense of reliability and advantage of design as well.




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