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Anton Solutions had to find its own distinctive path into creating its own mark. Due to the heavy carbon foot print left by the fossil fuel powered systems along with higher cost involved in the generation of energy, the obvious challenge was to find an alternative that can facilitate the transformation with minimum disruption in productivity. Thus the idea of Anton Energy was conceived.

Anton Energy in all probability the only company in the planet which has its interest spread on almost all the forms of renewable energy systems.We conceptualize ,design,develop, test and install these renewable energy systems. Our solutions are spread across various domains like Hydokinetics(river based), Solar, Wind, Tidal and Wave powered energy generation systems. We look to harness the free flowing energy given by the nature by creating cost efficient and environmental friendly systems.

Our products can be utilized over a wide range of deployment fields starting from individual houses, institutions, industrial areas,cities,villages,river side communities to power isolated and disconnected terrains.With virtually unlimited fuel and the minuscule maintenance expenses, you can power your dreams towards creating a green economy and ultimately the energy independence and security. All these products are designed to work with your existing house wiring systems and house hold equipments. This makes our products one the most versatile solutions on the planet.Our competence in various fields helps us to not limit ourselves to a single solution for an ecosystem but use hybrid systems running on solar,wind and other forms of energy. We compliment our power solutions with LED lighting solutions which consumes 70% lesser power. This works magic as, with lesser power load required, the required capacity of the power system can be reduced and thus reduced capital costs. This is what we call a total energy solution for your lives.


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