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Anton Energy’s turn key solutions ranges from feasibility studies,estimation,design,implementation until training and handover. Wherever a conventional solution is not an option to be contended with requiring an extensive study and implementation, we fit the bill perfectly.


With a big push to expand electrification process to isolated villages and other settlements, our approach to the challenges faces has been quite revolutionary. We offer to conduct case studies and feasibility studies on the various factors in the locality and charter out the energy requirement. This result could be scrutinized to reduce the anticipated demand by suggesting alternatives which could substantially reduce the required costs to otherwise build a higher capacity system.Once such value engineering features are considered, we design the most compatible system for the necessity and implement the same and complemented with the training.


We do not limit ourselves to just one aspect of the project and thus our solutions can come of a wider range depending on the requirement. Our R&D is fully equipped to meet such challenges and is constantly updating themselves with new technologies.



We offer our clients the complete support right from selection,procurement,erection and completion of power systems with a increases emphasis on value engineering. Auxiliary support in terms of governmental approvals and related support is also available based on requirement.


Impulse Low Pressure Steam Turbine Rotor

Our strength lies in the ability to create localized solutions based on the field of deployment. In a country like India where power isolation is much higher without grid connected electricity in various parts of the country, we come up with the ultimate solution. We would like to avoid the complexities of running/erecting high tension cable systems to long distances not to mention the energy consumed for the same process. In such villages, we conduct studies to identify the various energy sources and the environmental impact associated with harnessing them along with the quantum of electricity required to power all the houses.


We take into concern the terrain,features and climatic conditions and identify the right system that can power the community reliably, conclusively within the reach of the economic power of the community. Such a system could be  standalone or hybrid systems involving a combination of one of more systems. This systemic idea is then matched with our existing products and should any changes need to be made, our R&D would handle that challenge quite efficiently.


We design,develop,commission,manufacture and construct large scale commercial power systems based on renewable energy. Such power systems can be connected to the electric grid to supply the energy created. In some cases, it could also be for purposing a captive system and is used by big companies and industries to fulfill the renewable energy obligations.


Solar Farms

Large Scale Power Systems can be based on a single technology like Solar or Wind or Hydrokinetic and also a combination of such technologies. This is to increase the reliability factor to supply a continuous power within the demanded voltage range. Incase of Solar powered power systems, we offer various supports involving study of solar insolation and other required data for estimating the output of the project. Such offerings are spread across all our technologies.









While we cater to bigger commercial clients, we also extend our expertise to domestic uses as well. The potential of such system is massive understanding the fact that the power consumption of the households are increasing combined with increased power tariffs.

Solar Powered Pump in Africa

We have tailor made and mass produced cost effective domestic power systems based on various technologies like Solar, Wind, River Turbine and Fuel Cell. Such systems can be used to meet the domestic power needs and thus reducing the dependency on grid power by giving a higher operational efficiency and lower maintenance. In many cases, such produced energy can be supplied back to the grid as energy buy back. Currently this facility is not available in India but we are working with the government for necessary policy changes.

These power systems can come in various capacity depending on the consumer demand and can be used with existing wiring system in the houses. These systems are designed and developed by Anton Energy with full support and training given for any installations.


Street Solar Power

Such captive domestic systems find their uses in various commercial installations like

ATM Units in inaccessible and power unreliability areas

Telecom Mobile Tower units

Irrigation Units in rural agricultural sector

Outposts and Office units in isolated terrains

Other power requirements in isolated areas.

Companies and Commercial installations in urban areas



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