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Nature has abundant energy resources. It is the application of the same that turns them into solutions. We always believed that, in all the challenges laid the seeds of solutions.


Wind Mill

When the world was grappling in energy source, some brilliants minds found solutions which made sense to even a common man and was not rocket science. Though the same was proposed, not all could find its way to the masses due to various skepticism which accompanies new technologies. But we have to remember that, most of these concepts have already been practical from older times and then faded to backward technologies.


Today, we are here to re-look at some of the older technologies and develop them into more robust and efficient ones.


We identified that the running flow of the energy could be exploited depending on the location and the need of such solutions. Ofcourse, the same needed to be achieved with minimum environmental impact. For Instance, though the Hydropower is a non pollutant power generation system, its construction is energy intensive. Further,it creates a reservoir which floods the region and causes ecological imbalance. One wouldnt want to imagine the harm done should it collapses. Destruction and also millions of tons of construction waste which further decays environment.

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In such situations, we wanted to find a solution that keeps up the interest of both the environment and also the energy demands.


When we knew we wanted to harness the free flowing energy, we knew it was a heck of challenge for many reasons.

Running Water

1, The free flow of energy is often in its crude form

2, Controlling the limit and vice versa

3  Hazardous and dangerous terrain for testing and implementing

4 Awareness of the same maximum advantage

5 Minimum Environmental Impact


This free flow of energy is found in various forms like running water, flowing wind, sun’s radiation etc. Channeling them into a funnel to be concentrated and sealing them in to an energy packet is like trying to control nature. The energy flow often oscillates and with its highs and lows it creates an enormous challenge that must be overcome. To know more about various forms of technology, please click here.


Availability of energy is more important than lack of energy. However, in this case over availability of energy proved to be a major issue. With its mood swings and a mind of its own, the the flow is never controlled and thus disrupting any known calculations one can use to predict the same. Achieving the right kind of control systems without impacting the environment served as another challenge


No product can be mass produced without proper testing. This proved to be another bigger challenge due to the dangerous terrains that we had to negotiate to conduct testing for the reliability of our systems. The more important knowledge that the energy capturing is maximum in such locations made it a game which we had to win. Traveling extensively and sometimes with bare necessities proved to another challenge in achieving our aim.


The road ahead

Solutions can be only as good as the people who knows about it. With new technologies always viewed with suspicion, it will always take a while for people from a closer look. Training becomes a complicated matter in terms of such situations


All of the challenges needs to be solved and there is a world to save, at what cost? Not at the cost of the very world we are trying to save. So, the emphasis on environmental friendly process,production,implementation,operation and disposal stands as the last challenge to overcome.


Renewable Energy itself is an innovation. To utilize the nature’s energy so that it could be fed back into the systems forms a robust innovative idea in all means.Our challenges in developing a full functional, environmental friendly and reliable renewable energy system needed such an innovation to take off.


In solar, we started working on various crystalline forms and settled on the one which gave the best area to power generation ratio. We also worked on creating better low light efficiencies to give a prolonged supply in the power.


In hydro kinetics, we studied the location and recorded the water level in various seasons and years. We studied the terrains where the natural barriers channelled into narrow corridors where the kinetic energy could be the maximum. We perfected our control systems which could shut down to prevent over load. We also created propellers/rotors that gave the best efficiency even in lesser velocities of water.


We took to training to achieve awareness among the masses and also to convince them of our intentions. These proved to be a bigger step towards bringing them to embrace our solutions which can help them to do away with kerosenes and wood for energy requirement.


Our turbines were specifically designed to be friendly to aquatic animals. The positioning of our system was also avoided at ecologically sensitive areas to avoid any ecological imbalance.


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We wanted to involve local partnership in our endeavors at all times. That is why, our studies were conducted in the present of our local hosts. The same was good experience of information exchange.


As we believe not always two solutions are alike, we understood that knowing the local people is the key to develop successfull and tailored solutions for those places


Most information about the various characteristics, its flow patterns, flooding patterns etc were collected from them. We also try to involve them in our implementation process to promote enthusiasm in our activities. The right solutions where always found when we blend in with the eco-system and try to promote our ideas.


The training was always provided free of cost for routine maintenance of the systems. This also helped that community move one step closer to sustainable energy and host of new experiences. We developed our power systems to cater to the right demand of power and thus none was left for wastage.



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