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Anton Consulting helps expatriates and foreign companies to start a new company or open a new branch in U.A.E, Oman and Slovakia.

Anton Consulting offers comprehensive consultation for investing in U.A.E, Oman and Slovakia. The range of support starts from mere consultation regarding registration procedures up to joining hands as a local sponsor or a JV partner. With our expertise in dealing with the business environment of the countries we serve, we help you to identify the right potential and take the right steps while investing or starting your offices in a new country.

We can help you in setting up your offices, assisting visa formalities, create project reports,give market intelligence, acquire licenses once you have decided to enter a country. In case if you already won/in the verge of securing a project in these countries and not sure of how to go ahead, then we can assist you in getting everything sorted for the formal starting of operations.

We are kept updated with all the latest economic indicators and other developments and thus offers you an insider information regarding various numbers that would come to define your success in these countries. Once you are in the country, we help you to generate leads for prospective projects and also guides you to the resources. Due to our contacts in various levels inside and outside the ministries, clients etc, we can make sure that you do not loose out due to competition from local players.

We can act as the Local Sponsor for giving you a legal sanctity to enter in Oman/U.AE/Slovakia or offer you a JV option to open your own company.

Foreign Investment Support Options

Joint Venture

JV(Joint Venture) option is for foreign companies who wants to enter a new country as an LLC(Limited Liability Company) in Oman or U.A.E or S.R.O(equivalent to LLC) in Slovakia.Click here to know more

Local Sponsor

Local Sponsoring option is for expatriates or small time business owners to start operations in Oman to cater to various business opportunities.Click here to know more

JV(Joint Venture) option is for foreign companies who wants to enter a new country as an LLC(Limited Liability Company) in Oman or U.A.E or S.R.O(equivalent to LLC) in Slovakia. The formation of LLC is guided by rules which varies according to each country of interest. JV ensures that your new business operations are managed just like other countries with complete control of finances and the direction of operation but guided by the knowledge of the local market expert.

JV is recommended for big corporates looking to expand there operations as a foreign investment company in a new territory. The share holding pattern is typically 70:30 with 30% being the local partner contribution. This can also be revisited as per the specific requirement of the foreign entity. For more information regarding the formalities, please email or talk to him on Phone:+1-(650)-646-7697.

We also can help you in identifying new business opportunities in these countries if you are looking for expansion. Such consultations forms a bouquet of offerings which takes care of all the requirements for investment right from idea to start of operations.

Local Sponsoring option is for expatriates or small time business owners to start operations in Oman to cater to various business opportunities. As we understand that small and micro industries incur higher costs per earnings for setting up offices in new countries, we would like offer quality support and consulting options for the same. Also, attaining registrations and licenses can be a daunting task for those who do not enough resources within the country.

Many of our existing clients are from U.A.E and India who wanted to catch up with the booming economy of Oman. Local sponsoring is done by very prolific and distinguished local Arabs who has enough resources to help you create your businesses. For a detailed services info and other opportunities available with us, please visit the next page.

Our services towards investment assistance are unparalleled with various value added services not available with various other sponsors.


Project Feasibility

(For new projects that has been identified for on the verge of grabbing a new project, we help you identify the financial and business feasibility of doing that project)


Market Research(for getting a better idea of the business potential)

(We give you the supply demand scenario of any given industry along with the past performances of the sector, client details, competitors information,  economic indicators, government policies in favor and against and other informations that help you to develop a business strategy)




Registration and all other formalities of Company.

(We help you to register your company with the relevant authorities, obtain municipal trade licenses and apply for the initial round of visas for the top management. This would enable you to attain legal sanctity into doing business in Oman. On top of that, we also help you with registrations with various government bodies for pre-qualification on a pro-rate basis(this happens over a period of time as companies take years to get registered with all relevant bodies). However, guidances shall be always available regarding the person to meet in each department for individual registration)



Visa formalities for investors

(Visa formalities for investors/top management are the primary round of visa that would be arranged which includes the labour clearance from the Ministry of Manpower/HRD. This will enable the top management to hire the right P.R.O for future operations and this would finally be taken into the admin facility of the company.)


Guidance to market knowledge resources in terms of projects

(We can help you to gain access to resources that publishes the tenders and other lead generation tools. We also can help you to gather as much relevant information as possible regarding such projects both private and governmental)





Introductory meeting with policy and decision makers from various departments

(We can arrange meetings with the key decision makers in various ministries and sectors and also give you a chance to demonstrate your prowess so that when a file comes on the table, they would be able to weigh heavily on the impression we created)





Meeting with various existing clients

(If client information is what matters, we have access to various companies across the country right up to the position of CXOs,MDs and Presidents. We can arrange  meetings for you to develop various business prospects. Currently, we are most active in the field of Construction, Mining and Petroleum Industries)


Office spaces and Ware houses arranged for lower rentals

 (Finding and office space wouldn’t be a run in the rain as we would be able to arrange office spaces at the best rates or even rent you our own office spaces until you get your own. Ware houses can be offered on a nominal rent as against the standard pricing structure and clearly making us a one stop shop.)




Reports on various costs incurred for starting and operating a business activity

(Return of Investment is a crucial part of any business and estimating the right operating costs remains the main factor. We can help you with basic salary structures  in various levels of employment as prevailing in the market. We also help you with identifying other fixed costs throughout the operation so that your finances can work more efficiently)




Human Resources

(We help you to identify local talent as due to various government policies requiring promotion of local employment opportunities. We can also guide you with hiring expatriates from various trades and thus minimize your efforts for the same.)





and much more.

For more information, please email or talk to him on Phone:+1-(650)-646-7697.


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