Plastic Polymer Emulsion (PPE)

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One of the challenges faced by the construction industry is finding an alternative for the traditional expensive road construction methods, roads and pathways are a must for any construction activities so as to gives access and also for permanent usage after completion. We supply a scientifically engineered product – Plastic Polymer Emulsion PPE as a replacement solution to beat the existing costly road construction.

The product is licensed from the United States of America and as Anton Solutions Private Limited being the leading manufacturer and supplier of PPE we take utmost care in the preparation and development of the product under stringent regulations and safety measures.

PPE is an organic compound that, with combination of Waste Oil or bitumen when mixed with in-situ soil helps modifies the physical properties of the soil, making it coarser and stronger after compaction.

PPE helps in reducing construction time considerably and also brings down the overall environmental impact of the entire road construction process and thus makes PPE an eco-friendly product for environment friendly Road construction.

We supply in barrels or Mild Steel Drums with a capacity 210 lit/piece.

Please find the technical details here.

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Trading is one of the oldest business activity started by Anton Solutions and continues to be the pillar of its M.E operations even today. We are present in U.A.E and Oman primarily and in process of expanding to Qatar and Kuwait. Our expertise and knowledge in these market at ground level helps us in keeping a sustainable trading model and also for promoting local employment.

The critical aspect of each business has a great degree of relation to the supply chain management. This is what matters most when a company enters into operation in a new country as the time taken to mobilize the resources directly affects the prospects of its stability. For existing businesses, to source a relatively new product or source a known product as lesser cost is also a challenge. Such situations arise in every day business and a reliable knowledge pool to source the same are very much desired by the procurement department of these companies.

Anton Trading acts as a procurement company which accepts RFQs and enquiries from the companies of the sector we serve and through our extensive list of agency agreements from leading manufacturers around the world, we fulfill the requirements of our clients. We market the products of the companies we promote all across the M.E and manage the entire sales operations in the region. Starting from a single product, we have expanded to a trading enterprise with more than 50 products from various manufacturers.

By keeping a variety of products used by the same sector, we stand to be the one stop shop for all enquiries, technical support, sales and continued business relation.

Our Partners in the middle east is Spring Season LLC. We along with our subsidiaries Construck and Red Shadows to the main markets in the Middle East namely U.A.E and Oman presently.

At present we cater to the below industries. We strive to increase our ring of offerings and do watch out this space for updates.


We serve the construction industry with our wide range of building materials,paints and a host of other products. Click here to know more






Our Mining offerings ranges from Screening Decks, Pumps, lining along with spares and other components for a wide range of applications.Click here to know more





Processing Plants

We cater to the needs of processing plants like cement, steel rolling etc with a variety of products including conveyor systems, belts, decks, filters etc. Click here to know more




Oil & Gas

We have recently ventured into the Oil & Gas sector with products of proven success all across the globe and thus supporting the ambitions of the region. Click here to know more



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A Construction Site

We supply various types of building materials for the construction industry. Anton Trading concentrates on promoting Green and Environment friendly products to be used in the construction projects. We also meet with decision and policy makers to present the ideas of promoting such eco-friendly building materials and its advantages. We act as the local agent for various suppliers across the globe and thus bringing the world class products into the markets we serve. Being the local contact for your requirements for these products, we assure you the lowest prices, backend supports, technical clarifications and much more.

Our service starts from even the tender stage by providing the prices and thus supporting you from the tender stage. Though we prefer working on a project by project basis, we are definitely flexible in our approach.

Currently, we supply the region with the below products.


Fibre Cement Boards

External & Internal Sheathing Boards

Fibre Cement Boards are specialized boards which can replace the traditional gypsum board or OSB due to the unique properties. Unlike traditional wall sheathing boards, Fibre Cement Boards are impervious to water,moisture,fire and fungus. It is also strong enough to be impact resistive. With better insulation for sound and heat, Fibre Cement Boards have expanded into all wakes of construction industry. Fibre cement boards comes with a polished finish with appropriate texture color as required. Diamensions ranges from 8*4 feet with upto 25mm thickness. However, depending on the requirement the same can be customized. All these are available with or without accessories.Fibre Cement Board is classified as an environment friendly product and thus enables the buildings to be termed a green building. This can be a deciding factor for LEED(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) ratings for determining the grade of environment friendliness. To know more about carbon credits and LEED, please click here

To know more about the Fibre Cement Board and the technical data sheet, please click here.

To understand how Fibre Cement Board helps environment, Please click here.


MgO Wall Boards

MgO Boards

MgO Boards are another replacement option for traditional gypsum boards known for it strength and environmental friendly features. With properties matching the Fibre Cement Boards but due to its lower cost, MgO Board is the preferred choice of sheathing boards in many countries. Being an environment friendly product, this product was the official building material of the Beijing Olympics. They are fire resistant, moisture resistant, anti-fungal and strong thereby becoming the alternative choice.We supply the best quality MgO board across the M.E with local offices in U.A.E and Oman.

To know more about the MgO and the technical data sheet, please click here.

To understand how MgO Board helps environment, Please click here.





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Mining Site

One of the primary industries that we serve, supplying spares,equipments, components are the largest trading activity for us in the region. With the mining industry set to grow in line with the economy diversification, we stand to be the trusted and preferred supplier of Mining equipments in the Middle East. One of the industries which believes time is money, we deliver almost all the requirements of this sector. We have exclusive arrangements with various solution/component providers that aids us in providing a complete solution in lesser time.

We source the products right from the manufacturer and thus ensuring lower costs and direct technical support. We also employ technical support on behalf of the original suppliers so that your mining operation is not affected by delays due to technical support. Our technicians are cross trained in various products and thus we give you the complete solution in terms of technical support within all aspects of the mining operation. Our products are sourced from renowned manufacturers across the world from Germany, India, China etc with more than 20 years of presence in the sector. We have various economical and cost effective solutions due to our various agreements with the manufacturers.

In other words, we offer you the complete one stop solution for the components,spares,machinery in the mining sector with on call technical support for the same.

Our products include but not limited to given below


Screen Deck

Screening Decks

Screening decks come in various sizes as per the requirement. Our screening decks are proven to handle more material before needing replacement and thus reducing the downtime and cost of replacement. To see the technical data and to get advice on selection, please email or or call him on +968-(96)-909-405 or to locate our office click here





We supply trommels for all the requirements of a mining & quarrying site or a processing plant.To see the technical data and to get advice on selection, please email or or call him on +968-(96)-909-405 or to locate our office click here






A Horizontal Slurry Pump with Motor

Slurry Pumps

We supply both horizontal and vertical slurry pumps like VASA,Warmen etc. We can supply with the motor or without the motor as well. To see the technical data and to get advice on selection, please email or or call him on +968-(96)-909-405 or to locate our office click here






Mill Lining


We supply lining components for all the grinding media. Our lining components are stated to last 20% more than normal life time.To see the technical data and to get advice on selection, please email or or call him on +968-(96)-909-405 or to locate our office click here






Hydrocyclone Cross Section

Hydro Cyclone

Hydro-cyclone forms the core part of our offering and we undertake custom orders as well. To see the technical data and to get advice on selection, please email or or call him on +968-(96)-909-405 or to locate our office click here






Typical Conveyor


We provide conveyors, belts, components and all the spares for almost all segments of the industry. To see the technical data and to get advice on selection, please email or or call him on +968-(96)-909-405 or to locate our office click here





We are constantly adding new products to our group. Apart from this, we supply various spares and accessories for products not limited to the above. To get the complete details of the required product like technical information, supply ability and to get quotations, please email or or call him on +968-(96)-909-405 or to locate our office click here. Due to various features from various manufacturers, it would be advisable to get in touch with us to get the complete information on the product.

We have a variety of products in this offering, please get in touch with us with your requirement and we shall guide you.

A Steel Processing Plant

Our supply abilities for Processing plants have a great relation to the Mining offerings as well. But apart from Mineral Processing plants, our products are used in factories and rollers as well. Most of the products for the Mining sectors finds use here in addition to a few components for other processing plants.

One of our strengths is the combined knowledge of both mining operations and markets regarding the same. We extended our services to the processing plans that completes the mining sector. Thus we serve an all round solution which is not restricted to a sector.

Our present operations includes sourcing of components/spares for both the metallic and non-metallic mineral processing plants. The below plants are a few to be named


Steel Plants

Alumina Plants

Ore Separation Plants

Cement Plants



We cater to a wide range of services limited only by your requirement. With complete technical support for all our products from various suppliers from a single entity, rest assured that your operations wouldnt be delayed for long due to a technical snag.

For further information on how we can serve your industry, please email or or call him on +968-(96)-909-405 or to locate our office click here





To be Updated



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We offer superior delivery services and effective after sales services for the products we supply. We can provide training and technical advice for selection of products across various industries. These consultations can be handy while selecting the right product for your requirement.


Introduction to Products and Presentation

Consultation for Selecting Products

Training and Technical Support

Transportation till requirement site


After sales support



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Anton Trading in Partnership with Construck Systems & Technology & Red Shadows aims to be a complete solutions provider for the Middle East in supplying products in the fields of Mining,Construction and Oil & Gas. We are constantly looking to add new products to our offerings and expand our capabilities in the region. Due to our knowledge of the local markets, networks and other inroads into the region, we are looking for partners would like to join hands with us to further utilize our abilities.


We are currently inviting competent manufacturers and suppliers from across the world in the mentioned fields to set up business operations in U.A.E and Oman. Our business model is one that creates a win-win situation. Below are the salient features of the setup.


Anton Trading  will sign an agreement to promote the manufacturer’s products in either U.A.E, Oman and other countries in the region.

Anton Trading shall invest in Office set up, hiring of sales and marketing personals and other expenses for starting a comprehensive sales operation.

We shall arrange meetings, meet up with clients, market and promote the products in the region.

We shall receive the RFQs on manufacturer’s behalf, price it(with manufacturer support) and complete the negotiation(if needed)

Once the order is placed, we request the manufacturer to fulfill the order as per the clients request

Manufacturer wouldnt need to enter or invest anything in the middle east and thus safe from the local market conditions


For knowing more about setting up offshore business centers, market knowledge and to partner with us in the M.E, please email or or call him on +968-(90) – 980392 or +1-(650)-646-7697 or to locate our office click here

Due to us being present locally and operations managed by native citizens, we can act as the immediate local contact for enquiries regarding manufacturer’s product. With dedicated marketing and sales team to back up the presence, it is tantamount to the manufacturer being present in the country locally and that translates into a host of advantages due to the below reasons.

Various new government policies promote procurement from within local territories.

Certain government projects gives the right of first refusal/availability to the local vendor before entertaining international vendors.

Most private companies give preferences to companies present locally due to ease of communication and further dealings

We can scan the markets for opportunities more closely than being abroad.

Clients are more assured of the performance and guarantee for the product if locally based.

Face to Face meetings at proper intervals increases the trust factor in reliability.

Since we have a host of products, the clients find us as the one stop solution and thus given increased preference while procurement.


Thus Anton Trading makes it possible to promote your products in a new country and start a local office for sales and support by spending the minimum resources and lowers the exposure to the risk of market volatility. Depending on the growth, we can add technical support in our offering by training sufficient personnels to handle the after sales technical service and support which can translate into savings on overall operations. In short, we can be your outsourced trading and technical service outpost in the Middle East region.


If you are looking to start sales and marketing operations in the M.E directly without setting up offshore sales offices and would like to have direct control of the business and strategy and set up own offices, please refer to our Foreign Investment section for various opportunities or click here


For knowing more about setting up offshore business centers, market knowledge and to partner with us in the M.E, please email or or call him on +968-(90) – 980392 or +1-(650)-646-7697 or to locate our office click here


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