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Started in 2009 under the brand name of Noya Apparels, we are a premium clothing manufacturer with established brands in denims,t-shirts and other fashionableapparels for both men and women. Operating in over 3 countries, we find  export destinations in the Europe,Middle East and Africa. With talented in house designers and manufacturing team we are able to keep the strictest measures for quality, comfort and delivery options.


Due to our superb selection of material and quality produce, we also are the choice of external manufacturing units for established labels. With various clothing mills under our direct management and supervision, we can fulfill any quantum of orders and styles. Such manufactured produce finds market both abroad and local. We also own and operate showrooms in selected locations giving the customers the complete access to our product range.


So, if you are either a brand owner or a retailer, we have something to offer for all.

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Every industry needs innovation. Due to our superior ability in the areas we conduct business, it would only justify our presence here to share the knowledge so that industries who wants to partner with us can benefit from it truly.

We help individuals and companies to take informed decisions while dealing with green initiatives and also assist in executing the strategies. We advice on the basis of developing sustainable practices that can support the business to utilize the maximum of the available resources. Whether our clients would like to cut down on energy cost or simply promote a sustainable/environment friendly work culture, then we are the people whom they want to listen to. We can analyze all the existing practices and its impact on various parameters and give you solutions to control the same. We also lets our clients unleash the potential of various reusability and recyclability options that was otherwise overlooked due to lack of awareness. At times of corporate responsibility drives, we can help them in identifying the right actions that could bring the right results. Together we stand with our clients to make them noteworthy corporate house who has shown the right amount of enthusiasm and effort in moving towards a greener and sustainable corporate environment and do its bit for the planet we owe so much.

Another aspect to be mentioned is our investment advice to support green technologies both for local and external consumption. We aim to revolutionize the field of energy investment and develop a concept of ‘independent’ investment style to support the green ambitions of a company. If you are a company who wants to invest in solar power to Currently the investment model is submitted for approval from the concerned ministries due to the idea being radically revolutionary in its approach.

We also provide consultations for effective customer connectivity systems of the supply sector. Based on both broad and narrow understanding of the consumer sentiments and the bottle neck of supply chain, we offer efficient systems that can keep your delivery and commitment to customers effective and interactive. The process is aimed at providing better systems to eliminate idle costs involved in the delivery to customers. Thus the savings could be passed onto the customers to give a greater purchasing power that in turn supports the business at large.

Our Solutions are broadly classified into four main streams.


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Anton Solutions had to find its own distinctive path into creating its own mark. Due to the heavy carbon foot print left by the fossil fuel powered systems along with higher cost involved in the generation of energy, the obvious challenge was to find an alternative that can facilitate the transformation with minimum disruption in productivity. Thus the idea of Anton Energy was conceived.

Anton Energy in all probability the only company in the planet which has its interest spread on almost all the forms of renewable energy systems.We conceptualize ,design,develop, test and install these renewable energy systems. Our solutions are spread across various domains like Hydokinetics(river based), Solar, Wind, Tidal and Wave powered energy generation systems. We look to harness the free flowing energy given by the nature by creating cost efficient and environmental friendly systems.

Our products can be utilized over a wide range of deployment fields starting from individual houses, institutions, industrial areas,cities,villages,river side communities to power isolated and disconnected terrains.With virtually unlimited fuel and the minuscule maintenance expenses, you can power your dreams towards creating a green economy and ultimately the energy independence and security. All these products are designed to work with your existing house wiring systems and house hold equipments. This makes our products one the most versatile solutions on the planet.Our competence in various fields helps us to not limit ourselves to a single solution for an ecosystem but use hybrid systems running on solar,wind and other forms of energy. We compliment our power solutions with LED lighting solutions which consumes 70% lesser power. This works magic as, with lesser power load required, the required capacity of the power system can be reduced and thus reduced capital costs. This is what we call a total energy solution for your lives.



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A Modern Home

Ever wondered about a house that could produce power for itself? Ever wondered about a house that could provide you with cooking gas or drinking water? Ever wondered about a house that can stand even an earth quake? Ever wondered about a house that consumed less than 50% of the energy of traditional construction while constructed? Ever wondered about a house that could be built in a month or rebuilt in days after destroyed by natural calamities? Ever wondered about a house that shelters you in the truest sense?


Welcome to Anton Housing!


Anton Housing is perhaps arguably the only company who treats environment friendly features not as an aspect but the core concept. We create supremely affordable and true environment friendly houses with excellent features that probably no other company on this earth would have imagined.Everyone regardless of being rich or poor deserves a place to live. This world belongs to everyone .That is the philosophy of Anton housing.In these times of real estate booms and credit crunch, Anton Solutions found the right balance to keep the interests of the common man alive.


Our houses feature predesigned solar power systems, biogas systems,LED lighthing, rainwater collection and a host of other environment and economic friendly features. All these are packed in a specially designed maximum area efficient house plan at an extremely affordable price. No more confusion regarding the features and pricing as we are here to set new standards in what a true home needs to be.


Furthermore, we also aim give a completely new experience in selecting and designing your house. In other words, purchasing your house would be as simple as ordering a pizza online. Please come have a look at what we have got for you


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Trading is one of the oldest business activity started by Anton Solutions and continues to be the pillar of its M.E operations even today. We are present in U.A.E and Oman primarily and in process of expanding to Qatar and Eastern Europe. Our expertise and knowledge in these market at ground level helps us in keeping a sustainable trading model and also for promoting local employment.

The critical aspect of each business has a great degree of relation to the supply chain management. This is what matters most when a company enters into operation in a new country as the time taken to mobilize the resources directly affects the prospects of its stability. For existing businesses, to source a relatively new product or source a known product as lesser cost is also a challenge. Such situations arise in every day business and a reliable knowledge pool to source the same are very much desired by the procurement department of these companies.

Anton Trading acts as a procurement company which accepts RFQs and enquiries from the companies of the sector we serve and through our extensive list of agency agreements from leading manufacturers around the world, we fulfill the requirements of our clients. We market the products of the companies we promote all across the M.E and manage the entire sales operations in the region. Starting from a single product, we have expanded to a trading enterprise with more than 50 products from various manufacturers.

By keeping a variety of products used by the same sector, we stand to be the one stop shop for all enquiries, technical support, sales and continued business relation.

Our Partners in the middle east is Spring Season LLC. We along with Spring Season cater to the main markets in the Middle East namely U.A.E and Oman presently.

At present we cater to the below industries. We strive to increase our ring of offerings and do watch out this space for updates.


We serve the construction industry with our wide range of building materials,paints and a host of other products. Click here to know more






Our Mining offerings ranges from Screening Decks, Pumps, lining along with spares and other components for a wide range of applications.Click here to know more





Processing Plants

We cater to the needs of processing plants like cement, steel rolling etc with a variety of products including conveyor systems, belts, decks, filters etc. Click here to know more




Oil & Gas

We have recently ventured into the Oil & Gas sector with products of proven success all across the globe and thus supporting the ambitions of the region. Click here to know more


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