The Grand Anton’s Dream

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Vision for Future

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Anton Solutions is gearing up to take this world to the next level of lifestyle and technology. Until now, we have been complacent with what we had and thought we would never run out of resources. But the recent improvements proves otherwise and it has finally started to be the age of realization that we cannot keep on doing what we were doing till now any more.

There needs to be a radical change in policy, approach and prioritization. Whatever that seemed important a decade ago has gradually changed and people wants to look to new directions. That is where Anton Solutions take birth. It is to guide this world into the new era of increased consciousness of the surroundings and human life.

We envision a world with complete energy security from renewable sources. It could come from land,from rivers or even from the oceans. We want to create a world which preserves the environment while thriving from its resources. 

We want to create sustainable living communities with all the resources produced inside the system. We want to conserve and reuse resources along with finding ways to reduce unwanted expenditure of energy. 

We want to create smart homes that not only protects the inhabitants but also start to act smart. These houses would determine when to reduce power requirements, create a pool of interactive household units that can start ‘talking’ to each other. They would also be controllable regardless of the location you are in and help you to actually be in constant touch with your home.

So you see, we want to do a lot of things and we are here to stay until we achieve them. Our vision for future is what that drives us to be in business.

Energy Economy

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Living in the Oceans

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Why would such a prime real estate like Oceans be left behind? Why cant humans inhabit it? Is it because we are primarily evolved into land animals?

At Anton Solutions while we understood the rate of decrease in the available land, we decided to explore new options of inhabitation and the plain open oceans seemed to be the ideal choice. We are innovating to find ways to support and sustain human life form in the Oceans. With perennial source of energy in the forms of waves, it seems like Oceans can support human life along with the required energy as well.

It takes a lot of engineering challenge and whole lot of innovation to develop a complete system that can enable us to start living in the Oceans and ofcourse the road is not going to be easy. But we all have to take small steps now so that tomorrow we do not get pushed to the Oceans when we are not ready for it.

Living in the Oceans is one of those dreams for Anton Solutions we are confident that combining our various technologies/solutions/ideas, we might actually be able to achieve it. And when that happens, we assure you that you would be the first to know.

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