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Jan 12, 2013   //   by admin   //   Energy  //  No Comments


Anton Solutions had to find its own distinctive path into creating its own mark. Due to the heavy carbon foot print left by the fossil fuel powered systems along with higher cost involved in the generation of energy, the obvious challenge was to find an alternative that can facilitate the transformation with minimum disruption in productivity. Thus the idea of Anton Energy was conceived.

Anton Energy in all probability the only company in the planet which has its interest spread on almost all the forms of renewable energy systems.We conceptualize ,design,develop, test and install these renewable energy systems. Our solutions are spread across various domains like Hydokinetics(river based), Solar, Wind, Tidal and Wave powered energy generation systems. We look to harness the free flowing energy given by the nature by creating cost efficient and environmental friendly systems.

Our products can be utilized over a wide range of deployment fields starting from individual houses, institutions, industrial areas,cities,villages,river side communities to power isolated and disconnected terrains.With virtually unlimited fuel and the minuscule maintenance expenses, you can power your dreams towards creating a green economy and ultimately the energy independence and security. All these products are designed to work with your existing house wiring systems and house hold equipments. This makes our products one the most versatile solutions on the planet.Our competence in various fields helps us to not limit ourselves to a single solution for an ecosystem but use hybrid systems running on solar,wind and other forms of energy. We compliment our power solutions with LED lighting solutions which consumes 70% lesser power. This works magic as, with lesser power load required, the required capacity of the power system can be reduced and thus reduced capital costs. This is what we call a total energy solution for your lives.



Dec 31, 2012   //   by admin   //   Energy  //  No Comments


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[tab title=”Idea”]

Nature has abundant energy resources. It is the application of the same that turns them into solutions. We always believed that, in all the challenges laid the seeds of solutions.


Wind Mill

When the world was grappling in energy source, some brilliants minds found solutions which made sense to even a common man and was not rocket science. Though the same was proposed, not all could find its way to the masses due to various skepticism which accompanies new technologies. But we have to remember that, most of these concepts have already been practical from older times and then faded to backward technologies.


Today, we are here to re-look at some of the older technologies and develop them into more robust and efficient ones.


We identified that the running flow of the energy could be exploited depending on the location and the need of such solutions. Ofcourse, the same needed to be achieved with minimum environmental impact. For Instance, though the Hydropower is a non pollutant power generation system, its construction is energy intensive. Further,it creates a reservoir which floods the region and causes ecological imbalance. One wouldnt want to imagine the harm done should it collapses. Destruction and also millions of tons of construction waste which further decays environment.

To know more about other forms of technology, please click here.


In such situations, we wanted to find a solution that keeps up the interest of both the environment and also the energy demands.


[tab title=”Challenge”]

When we knew we wanted to harness the free flowing energy, we knew it was a heck of challenge for many reasons.

Running Water

1, The free flow of energy is often in its crude form

2, Controlling the limit and vice versa

3  Hazardous and dangerous terrain for testing and implementing

4 Awareness of the same maximum advantage

5 Minimum Environmental Impact


This free flow of energy is found in various forms like running water, flowing wind, sun’s radiation etc. Channeling them into a funnel to be concentrated and sealing them in to an energy packet is like trying to control nature. The energy flow often oscillates and with its highs and lows it creates an enormous challenge that must be overcome. To know more about various forms of technology, please click here.


Availability of energy is more important than lack of energy. However, in this case over availability of energy proved to be a major issue. With its mood swings and a mind of its own, the the flow is never controlled and thus disrupting any known calculations one can use to predict the same. Achieving the right kind of control systems without impacting the environment served as another challenge


No product can be mass produced without proper testing. This proved to be another bigger challenge due to the dangerous terrains that we had to negotiate to conduct testing for the reliability of our systems. The more important knowledge that the energy capturing is maximum in such locations made it a game which we had to win. Traveling extensively and sometimes with bare necessities proved to another challenge in achieving our aim.


The road ahead

Solutions can be only as good as the people who knows about it. With new technologies always viewed with suspicion, it will always take a while for people from a closer look. Training becomes a complicated matter in terms of such situations


All of the challenges needs to be solved and there is a world to save, at what cost? Not at the cost of the very world we are trying to save. So, the emphasis on environmental friendly process,production,implementation,operation and disposal stands as the last challenge to overcome.


[tab title=”Innovation”]

Renewable Energy itself is an innovation. To utilize the nature’s energy so that it could be fed back into the systems forms a robust innovative idea in all means.Our challenges in developing a full functional, environmental friendly and reliable renewable energy system needed such an innovation to take off.


In solar, we started working on various crystalline forms and settled on the one which gave the best area to power generation ratio. We also worked on creating better low light efficiencies to give a prolonged supply in the power.


In hydro kinetics, we studied the location and recorded the water level in various seasons and years. We studied the terrains where the natural barriers channelled into narrow corridors where the kinetic energy could be the maximum. We perfected our control systems which could shut down to prevent over load. We also created propellers/rotors that gave the best efficiency even in lesser velocities of water.


We took to training to achieve awareness among the masses and also to convince them of our intentions. These proved to be a bigger step towards bringing them to embrace our solutions which can help them to do away with kerosenes and wood for energy requirement.


Our turbines were specifically designed to be friendly to aquatic animals. The positioning of our system was also avoided at ecologically sensitive areas to avoid any ecological imbalance.


To know more about other forms of technology, please click here..



[tab title=”Localization”]

We wanted to involve local partnership in our endeavors at all times. That is why, our studies were conducted in the present of our local hosts. The same was good experience of information exchange.


As we believe not always two solutions are alike, we understood that knowing the local people is the key to develop successfull and tailored solutions for those places


Most information about the various characteristics, its flow patterns, flooding patterns etc were collected from them. We also try to involve them in our implementation process to promote enthusiasm in our activities. The right solutions where always found when we blend in with the eco-system and try to promote our ideas.


The training was always provided free of cost for routine maintenance of the systems. This also helped that community move one step closer to sustainable energy and host of new experiences. We developed our power systems to cater to the right demand of power and thus none was left for wastage.





Dec 30, 2012   //   by admin   //   Energy  //  No Comments


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[tab title=”Solar”]

Solar energy based power systems designed by Anton Energy is of two types. They are Solar Photovoltaics and Concentrated Solar power based. While the latter is still in development process at Anton Energy, we would like to give you an introduction about the former.

Solar Panel

Solar photovoltaics cell is a device that converts light into electricity (DC) based on Photovoltaic effect. Such collection of photovoltaic cells are called ‘Solar Cell Modules’. A solar power system starts with such modules connected together to provide the required electric current to power a device.



There are various components in the a Solar Panel based power generation system but a typical Solar Power System is a combination of


Solar Cell Modules

Charge Controller

Battery Bank

Inverter Systems

Transmission System



In Solar Panel Modules, we use both Mono Crystalline and Poly crystalline modules. While the former is more efficient, the latter is cost effective. The availability of disposable land decides the end cost effectiveness factor while choosing between the panels.


The power thus produced is actually fed into into the Charge controller which prevents over charging of the batteries. Such a proper control system signficantly increases the life time of batteries.


Battery bank receives the controlled power supply for storage and further transmission. A series of batteries can be connected to achieve the required power backup and voltage.


The heart of this system is the Invertor which does the conversion of DC into AC of appropriate voltage. In a typical system it converts 24 volts DC into 240 volts AC. This voltage is fed end usable systems which could range from small appliances to industries. Depending on this end use, the components can be altered or changed.


[tab title=”Hydro-Kinetic”]


Hydrokinetic turbine systems are the extension of the old river mills used to pump water and to grind grains.Today, it has come in more revolutionary forms to answer the energy crisis that is consuming as today.Though they work on similar laws of physics like Hydropower turbines in Dams, its radically different with diverse features.


Hydrokinetic Turbine

Hydrokinetic turbines utilize the kinetic flow of energy rather than Potential energy as created in Dams by storing water in great volumes. As such, they do not require dams to be constructed and can be implemented in any running flow of water as long as they have a constant supply of water. Depending on the water level and width, the turbines can be custom built. The basic parts of a hydro kinetic turbine as follows:







Based on the location,power supply and aesthetic requirements, the rotor style could be decided. Each model of rotor gives varying efficiencies depending on the velocity and volume of water. The flow of water this causes the rotor to turn which is directly proportional to the velocity of the water

To choose the right solution for you please click here


The rotor rotates the dynamo which converts the kinetic energy into electricity as per the conventional law. The same rotor could be connected to gear system to amplify the RPM which can boost the power output.


The produced current is carried over to the inverter for further distribution after which it takes the normal route.


Hydrokinetic Turbine for River

Our solutions are cost effective as the capital cost incurred is much lesser compared to other forms of renewable energy. Also, the same is more reliable an constant as the water flow is much more predicable than the wind or much more reliable than the solar which works only for 6-8 hours a day.


The best part of such turbines are that, we can convert all the canals and streams into energy creating plants. By suitable installation at the potential places, these turbines can generate uninterruptible power supply. Due to its lower energy requirement of installation and lesses environmental disturbances along with lower space consumption, it is viable commercially and needs lesser government clearance to pursue the same.


The interesting thing to notice is that such a power system can power an entire village or a community by using a combination of similar units. Considering the cost of building and operating a dam, it seems more commercially viable to develop such systems in greater number to achieve the same capacity output.

[tab title=”Fuel Cell”]

Currently we are studying the viability of fuel cell technologies. Please check back in future.




Dec 29, 2012   //   by admin   //   Energy  //  No Comments


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[tab title=”Turn-Key Solutions”]


Anton Energy’s turn key solutions ranges from feasibility studies,estimation,design,implementation until training and handover. Wherever a conventional solution is not an option to be contended with requiring an extensive study and implementation, we fit the bill perfectly.


With a big push to expand electrification process to isolated villages and other settlements, our approach to the challenges faces has been quite revolutionary. We offer to conduct case studies and feasibility studies on the various factors in the locality and charter out the energy requirement. This result could be scrutinized to reduce the anticipated demand by suggesting alternatives which could substantially reduce the required costs to otherwise build a higher capacity system.Once such value engineering features are considered, we design the most compatible system for the necessity and implement the same and complemented with the training.


We do not limit ourselves to just one aspect of the project and thus our solutions can come of a wider range depending on the requirement. Our R&D is fully equipped to meet such challenges and is constantly updating themselves with new technologies.



We offer our clients the complete support right from selection,procurement,erection and completion of power systems with a increases emphasis on value engineering. Auxiliary support in terms of governmental approvals and related support is also available based on requirement.


Impulse Low Pressure Steam Turbine Rotor

Our strength lies in the ability to create localized solutions based on the field of deployment. In a country like India where power isolation is much higher without grid connected electricity in various parts of the country, we come up with the ultimate solution. We would like to avoid the complexities of running/erecting high tension cable systems to long distances not to mention the energy consumed for the same process. In such villages, we conduct studies to identify the various energy sources and the environmental impact associated with harnessing them along with the quantum of electricity required to power all the houses.


We take into concern the terrain,features and climatic conditions and identify the right system that can power the community reliably, conclusively within the reach of the economic power of the community. Such a system could be  standalone or hybrid systems involving a combination of one of more systems. This systemic idea is then matched with our existing products and should any changes need to be made, our R&D would handle that challenge quite efficiently.

[tab title=”Large Scale Power”]


We design,develop,commission,manufacture and construct large scale commercial power systems based on renewable energy. Such power systems can be connected to the electric grid to supply the energy created. In some cases, it could also be for purposing a captive system and is used by big companies and industries to fulfill the renewable energy obligations.


Solar Farms

Large Scale Power Systems can be based on a single technology like Solar or Wind or Hydrokinetic and also a combination of such technologies. This is to increase the reliability factor to supply a continuous power within the demanded voltage range. Incase of Solar powered power systems, we offer various supports involving study of solar insolation and other required data for estimating the output of the project. Such offerings are spread across all our technologies.








[tab title=”Domestic Power Systems”]


While we cater to bigger commercial clients, we also extend our expertise to domestic uses as well. The potential of such system is massive understanding the fact that the power consumption of the households are increasing combined with increased power tariffs.

Solar Powered Pump in Africa

We have tailor made and mass produced cost effective domestic power systems based on various technologies like Solar, Wind, River Turbine and Fuel Cell. Such systems can be used to meet the domestic power needs and thus reducing the dependency on grid power by giving a higher operational efficiency and lower maintenance. In many cases, such produced energy can be supplied back to the grid as energy buy back. Currently this facility is not available in India but we are working with the government for necessary policy changes.

These power systems can come in various capacity depending on the consumer demand and can be used with existing wiring system in the houses. These systems are designed and developed by Anton Energy with full support and training given for any installations.


Street Solar Power

Such captive domestic systems find their uses in various commercial installations like

ATM Units in inaccessible and power unreliability areas

Telecom Mobile Tower units

Irrigation Units in rural agricultural sector

Outposts and Office units in isolated terrains

Other power requirements in isolated areas.

Companies and Commercial installations in urban areas





Dec 28, 2012   //   by admin   //   Energy  //  No Comments


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[tab title=”Training”]

Our services starts from training. Training the product is of dual side benefits. It helps the end user to take control of the situation to use his knowledge to resolve any issues that might arise and also to upgrade his knowledge on these aspects.


Our aspects of the training can be both on a real time presentation level or a predesigned multimedia content that is quite comprehensive and self explanatory. Such materials help the customer to recall the knowledge and thus saving time and also to avoid further delays to resolving the issues in waiting for an onsite support.


It helps Anton Energy to keep the costs lower which are ultimately passed on to the very customers we cater to. We conduct the training sessions pre-implementation and also post-implementation. Such a systemic approach empowers the beneficieries of such system to be well aware of its operational capabilities and technical aspects.


We train our customers on various fronts based on the technology chosen. The are made quite interactive with active participation from the local masses. Such drives helps us to connect directly to the local communities and helps us in localizing the product features.

[tab title=”Technical Support”]

Once our solutions are deployed on the site, we offer solutions to combat any outstanding issues that couldnt be resolved by the training that we have imparted. We can be contacted in the toll free number for getting information and get technical support for any functionality issues related to the same.

Furthermore, our website also has the knowledge base articles that can practically cover most of the issues that we could face with the products. These articles are self explanatory and many times described with graphical representations to make it easier. Further more, our YouTube channel contains more videos to give a multi-dimensional technical support. We look to offer you a wonderfull and memorable customer service experience.


[tab title=”Onsite Service”]

Onsite Service is available for complex systems that couldnt be troubleshot or fixed through conventional means. Our technical team can take your request via the toll free number and book an appointment to have a look at the system. Onsite maintenance is one of our specialities which is not available in the market for any similar solutions

We strive give a complete solution to our clients. This includes giving a maintenance free period with our superior technology. In cases however due to the unpredictability of nature, our equipments can develop snags. Such a situation is considered critical to develop better and reliable systems. We assure you that we are constantly trying to improvise and such onsite services would be a few steps that could contribute to the same.




[tab title=”Feasibility Studies”]

As part of our turn key solutions, we also offer the feasibility studies for understanding the requirement of any power system that could actually be developed. This feasibility study involves weather,temperature, power shortage, power requirement, water level, rain data and all other factors that plays an important role in determining the feasibility of the erection of any power systems. Such studies being conducted by the very engineers who develops the systems gives a better sense of reliability and advantage of design as well.






Dec 27, 2012   //   by admin   //   Energy  //  No Comments


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[tab title=”Solar”]

Product Code 1GN1


This is a special system for use in houses which can power the houses with 1kw of electric power.  The panels are made of poly crystalline panels. The system is inclusive of the charge controller and the inverter. The batter bank is an optional choice.


Product Code 1GN2


This is an advanced system with 3kw of available power during the hours of sunshine. The panels are made of poly crystalline panels and includes all standard components. The battery bank is also optionally available,



These products are available in mono-crystalline form as well and helps in saving the area required due to better efficiency of those panels.


If you have a custom requirement,we can suggest the best solutions and implement the most cost efficient systems. To know more, please click here.


Please view our entire catalogue here.

[tab title=”Hydro-Kinetic”]

Product Code 2GN1


This is a versatile power generation device capable of producing 1.2 kw power in a stream of 5 feet water at velocity of 3m/s



This product is currently undergoing tests and would be available for commercial supply soon.


We are in the process of developing various hydrokinetic systems that can power from 1kw to 50kw in a single unit. Such systems are deemed fit to be placed in any flowing water body above the water velocity of 1.5 m/s and a water level of minimum 5 feet. A series of such systems can provide medium to large scale power supply. Please watch this space in future for the update.


[tab title=”Wind”]


We are currently in the process of developing indigenous economic wind power systems. Do check back later.





Research & Development

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[tab title=”Team”]


To be updated



[tab title=”Development”]


Our approach in the development stage is very innovative and clinical. We identify every problem with an understanding that all solutions exist in the problem.


We study a situation in controlled environments to give an idea of a predicted climate and its results. We look into various of natures own systems to see how various transformations and energy sharing is possible. We try to replicate the same systems into our solutions.


The solution develops in various stage and various studies are conducted at various levels. We create a schematic diagram of how the system should work and channel our energy into identifying solutions to create a technical product out of the diagram. This involves a series of trial and error. Such developed system is developed in to a virtual 3d model to study about the various flaws and technical capabilities.


Various methods are employed by our team based on the technology but the basic concept followed by our team is based on the below stages















Post Schematic Analytics













Materials Management






[tab title=”Tests”]

Tests are conducted at various levels to stamp the course of our experiment to see if its in level with the expectations. Initial tests would be based in the Lab conditions to study the movement of the rotor blades and its efficient in converting the maximum kinetic power to electricity. These systems are then deployed at test sites for a longer period of time to check its physical durability and other onfield practical implications. The findings are all recorded. Some times the tests include taking trips to several treacherous terrains to gain the near accurate reading of water flow and velocity to develop the systems to withstand the expected water force.


The field results thus obtained is compared with the objectives and then qualifies it for mass production. We perform stringent checks on both the efficiency and the reliability of the product.








Dec 25, 2012   //   by admin   //   Energy  //  No Comments


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[tab title=”Low Cost”]

One of the main factors we look into is affordability as we believe energy should be available for everyone. In our areas of expertise we are the only services provider but even for the sake of comparison we stand at much more economic value than many. We have tried to shed out lot of unnecessary media and advertisement from our marketing systems as we believe that an effective product doesnt require marketing but the customers would make up for the same.


Our products are low cost in terms of capital cost, implementation and operation. Our revolutionary hands on approach to customers reduces our technical support cost which is again passed on to the customers. We have decided to keep our margin low for greater accessibility and exposure to the mass market. Also due to various training methods and technical support tools, the after sales service cost is covered and thus helps us in keeping the prices low without affecting the quality.



[tab title=”Own Technology”]

One of the main reasons of our cost effectiveness factor is having developed our own technology. Licensing an outside technology or trading an external product didnt look like the kind of solution that our customers wanted due to the price factors.


We decided to do the research study and develop our own systems that could be suited for each eco-systems as earlier mentioned and thus helped us to control the cost once the product is developed. This also helped us to use less complex and local components to establish the right quality within acceptable costs.


[tab title=”Supply Chain”]


The heart of our system efficiency is supply chain. Due to making it compact than normal systems, our savings on transportation is worth mentioning as lesser size of packages means more pieces on a single shipment. The supply chain system is tweaked to create the most operational savings and also to reduce the inventory. Many discounted logistics service providing also helps us to keep our costs low which are always passed on to the customers.


Our supply chain has consumer specific features. It means that the nature of delivery depends on the consumers and many avoidable transshipments are avoided to give the lesser supply chain strain.





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[tab title=”System Selection”]

Due to the vareity of our offerings, it could actually be a bit confusing to know which solution to select. The capacity of various systems change according to various variables. Don’t worry, we are here to guide you through. Please click here.


[tab title=”Installation”]

If you have already purchased the system and not quite sure about how to install the same, we are here to help you.To know about the installation steps for all power systems please click here


[tab title=”Location Selection”]

Selecting the appropriate location can be quite challenging. Several factors are to be taken into concern. To make this process simple, we offer documentation as well as professional technical support.To select the location for the power system you have in your mind, please click here.




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[tab title=”Environment”]

A huge demand in energy creates a great debt to be repaid back to the sources from where we take it. Such a situation creates the imbalance of nature causing pollution and degradation resulting into unsustainable ecosystem.


Anton Solutions aims to avoid exactly the same. We understand that Earth’s abundance in energy can be exploited in a more sustainable way by creating a system where anything that we use could be fed back. We believe in creating energy solutions thats renewable and reliable but at the same time affordable. In a world of higher gas prices, it only makes sense for us to find the next big revolution based on renewable energy.


The direct benefits of our renewable energy power systems are the following


Lower air pollution due to reduced use of fossil fuel based power systems


Lower discharges into the water bodies from similar power plants


Lower oil spill and refinery wastes for a healthier ocean ecosystem


The direct benefits graduates into further benefits. To know the process cycle, please click here.


[tab title=”Power”]

Huge power deficits are expected in the coming years due to the pressures from industries. Such power deficits affects production and consequently the development of a country.


Renewable energy systems helps to cover the deficiency. It helps to ease the strain on fossil fuel based systems. Fossil fuel systems are always affected by the level of fuel supply. Any such logistic or supply delay for the same affects the power generation. Renewable energy hopes to cover that deficiency and support similar challenges in the power sector. This also helps to reduce dependency on more sophisticated Nuclear power plants which portray a hazard both for environment and the people.


[tab title=”Distribution”]


One special aspect of Anton Energy systems are that, we try to cater to the local community from the available energy source. Our strength lies in the ability to create localized solutions based on the field of deployment. In a country like India where power isolation is much higher without grid connected electricity in various parts of the country, we come up with the ultimate solution.


Due to our power solutions being closer to the point of deployment, it avoids the need for construction/erection of power transmission lines far away areas. This leads to a very signficant savings on the below mentioned front




Design challenges for uneven terrains


Implementation and logistics issues


Cost of procurement and engineering


Energy spent for production,erection and other activities in the process.


Need of transformers and loss of energy.


We practically wipe out these costs and challenges but deliver the easiest of solutions. This lessens the burden on distribution and also being affected by lack of efficiency of distribution systems.


[tab title=”Remote Electrification”]


This is one of the main direct benefits of our turnkey solutions. With Anton Energy, no location or terrain remains inaccessible for quality power supply. Though this is a continuation of the distribution benefits of our solution, the remote electrification benefits are worth mentioning.


It is still a dream of 10000s of villages and communities to have a proper lighting or cooling solution. For then, reliable and affordable electricity remains a far away story. We step into change this aspect. By supplying power, we not only bring them to the new technologies and benefits of lighting, heating or cooling, but we rather bring them to share our technology. Availability of power supply brings many direct an indirect benefits as below


Erection of mobile towers/communication methods


Banking facilities extended to an otherwise unknown region


Connectivity to internet content for effective awareness


Telemedicine and other possibilities.


Efficient accessibility to government services


More employable youth due to education possibilities


and much more.


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