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News and Feeds


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Every industry needs innovation. Due to our superior ability in the areas we conduct business, it would only justify our presence here to share the knowledge so that industries who wants to partner with us can benefit from it truly.

Anton Solutions is the Consulting,Research & Development arm of Anton Holdings s.r.o, the parent company for the Anton Group.

Our team at Anton Solutions designs and develops the technology & softwares that powers our core consumer and government products. Over the period of time and aimed at future, we develop the software systems that powers various core industries that forms the Anton Holdings Group. Our major areas of interests are –


[toggles title=”Our Solutions are broadly classified into four main streams.” active=1 speed=500]


[toggle title=”Home Automation Solutions”]In a world paced to keep up with Green initiatives, we advice companies on developing sustainable and green practices from within the system. Whether it is employee practice, saving or generating energy or intelligent waste management, we make all things possible.Click here to know more[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Civil Engineering Systems”]Investments if targeted at the right priorities helps us to secure our future. At Anton Consulting, we looked towards the need of the hour and developed investment options to guarantee energy security for tomorrow.Click here to know more[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Drone Delivery Technology “]A single country operation might restrict you in your Ambitions. We support and help you to invest or start a company/business/branch office in Oman, U.A.E and more countries in the offering.Click here to know more[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Customer Connectivity”]While we understand you are the masters of product development, we help you to reach it to the masses.Click here to know more[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Aerial surveillance & Consulting – New”]Watch out this space for more. Our team is working hard to bring the revolutionary technology.Click here to know more[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Social Engineering – New “]Watch out this space for more. Our team is working hard to bring the revolutionary technology.Click here to know more[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Energy & Utilities Automation – New”]Watch out this space for more. Our team is working hard to bring the revolutionary technology.Click here to know more[/toggle]



Home Automation Solutions

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[tab title=”Overview”]

We are here to help each one of you wether you run a company or a family to give you ideas about how to transfer your way of living into a sustainable and environmental friendly one. We help you identify the areas in your life where you can bring a change that can bring together a bigger change for the future of our children.

If you are an Organization with a determined interest to turn green both in operations and support functions, we will help you with advice and delivering of solutions as well. We can advice you on various sustainable practices both in terms of economic and environmental aspects.

If you run a family and belong to one of those special community who would like to adopt green methods to nurture a generation of children who would follow down your foot steps, we can help you to achieve the same. We can advice on a broad range of solutions to bring an elevated feeling of living a much sustainable living style and thus fulfilling our duty to the planet.




[tab title=”Services”]

We advice on a wide range of services that includes but not limited to as given below:


Energy Conservation:

One of the most sought after but overlooked aspect in any institution. Regardless of the reasons being lack of awareness or lack of conscious implementation, this remains a challenge in many aspects. We advice on various practices that could be adopted to conserve the energy not just limited to electricity but also other forms of energy like cooking gas and other fuel derivatives. We also help you achieve these conservation targets by skillful methodology. Our results become visible after a comprehensive comparison with the previously documented energy consumption data

To know how conserving energy contributes much more to our planet, click here


Heating,Cooling and Lighting Solutions:

If you would like us to just look at the alternatives for Heating,Cooling and Lighting without bringing any changes in the existing infrastructure, we can definitely suggest alternative low power consuming replacements. For instance, the lighting solutions can be replaced with equivalent LED alternatives that bring out the same luminous intensity at a lesser cost wattage.

To know how the world is moving to alternative heating,cooling and lighting solutions, click here


Waste Management     (Disposal & Recycle Management)

Certain wastes cannot be contained in the building infrastructure. Depending on the nature of the waste, it needs to be handled properly to achieve the maximum cleanliness at the minimum cost. Due to the crude nature of the waste creation process, it becomes hard to control and achieve the required disposal parameters. We can help you to rise upto that challenge and develop a more clean environment at the lowest expense.

Though the concept of Recycling is quite familiar, the challenges towards achieving it keeps most of these initiatives in books. We would like to take the hands on approach to demonstrate how the same can be achieved and suggest the best solutions to handle it. Recycled products can be fed back into the system and thus creating a repetitive circle of materials movement and thereby avoiding extra expense. Recycling systems can be kept as part of the existing system and thus avoids the need of external services provider as well.

Rain water collection and Liquid Waste management

Rain is a perennial source of water if we employ the right methods to collect and re-source them. We advice and assist in enabling innovative solutions for an efficient collecting system. We also prepare methods to store them for longer period of time which could be recycled for further uses and thus avoiding the energy intensive process of procuring more water.

We provide consultations regarding various waste water treatment methods. Though many process have been identified for commercial use, we identify the right solution for your ecosystem with the minimum breakage in the system along with lesser cost. It also include custom made tailored solutions which are region specific thus reducing idle expenditures. This end product could be used on a wide range of non-edible purposes like gardening,cleaning etc. On a higher note, we experimentally prove that the recycled water suitable for all kinds of uses.

To know more about waster water recycling and rain water collection, click here

Securing Carbon Credits

With various government initiatives to introduce a green drive in the various industries and companies catering to them, we stand the best choice to give you advice on the various methods that can achieve the same for you. Carbon credits are awarded when you contribute towards the environment in various ways such as cutting down emissions, purchasing renewable energy based power and much more. In the recent times, carbon credits acts as symbol of an organization’s responsibility towards its nation and planet. Several tax related benefits are also in the system.

We help you in identifying the various opportunities within your system to make you eligible for those credit points without any dent in the productivity and also in implementing the same.

Energy Independency from Fossil Fuel Systems.

We all rely on grid power supply for our daily electricity needs. On the failure of this primary system, the same is handled by conventional fossil fuel based power systems such as diesel or kerosene based generators.
While we all know that they are energy intensive and causes both noise and air pollution not to mention the costs associated with maintenance. We can help you to enable the right alternative powering systems like Fuel Cell, Solar Power etc. We help in both charting the tailored design of solutions along with implementing them. Such a practice also unlocks the true potential of your infrastructure which otherwise remains a dead investment.


[tab title=”Strategy”]

We approach a case based on the over-the-top view. We see things on a macro-level and identify the flow of process and the outcome of the same. Our strategy towards the solution is broadly based on 4 stages as mentioned below.


We start with isolating each processes in the eco-system. We identify the route map and create process charts for each activities happening within the specific eco-system. Certain processes are not interconnected while many are. This chain identification enables us to identify the extend of the effect while applying changes through any aspect. This isolation of process could extend to all the movable,immovable,physical and non-physical aspects of the eco-system. Once such an isolation process has been completed we move to the next step of positive identification of significance


Identification process starts from the half stage of Isolation process. What we try to achieve by identification is the ability to separate the processes and lay them out for further review. It is at this stage we identify potential flaws and systemic break downs which could be hampering the neighboring or connected processes. We also understand the butterfly effects applicable in the identified processes. Such a study is much important as any small changes could negatively hamper and otherwise established system.


Research forms the core operation where the ultimate solution takes its shape. We go though existing case studies and also that our partners across the globe to see the possible changes that could be applied. We will also take into consideration the practical results of such established practices. Once our research is completed, we lay out the possible alternatives in tandem with the existing processes.


Localization does the filtering process for selective methodology. As our philosophy has always been revolving around region specific solution, this stage tailors the solution to suit the particular ecosystem. Various parameters are considered while we conduct this study and measured on a scale of 10. The one process which satisfies the maximum criteria on the given factors of ecosystem qualifies as the solution. This would also mean tweaking of process which might even come out as an altogether different solution from our research output.


We take our final stage to completion after the approval of the site inspection team(which includes a team from clients and independent experts). The implementation process is managed and even performed(on request) by our divisions specializing in the same. This could mean a single division or a combination of several divisions to bring out the complete solutions.

To read other articles click here

[tab title=”Insights”]

Our knowledge and understanding of the environment is much more deeper than the knowledge derived from reading or studying. Our teams are always inspired to travel exclusively across the globe to watch and observe the planet in a multi- dimensional point of view. During these travels, they come across various challenges faced by people in preserving the environment and the solutions found in regards to the same. They also learn how new ways of exploitations are affecting the balances of those local ecosystems. These first hand experiences have given us the understanding of the systemic flaws associated and also how certain communities have tackled them successfully.

Though our interest spans across all kinds of negative effects on environment, we are limiting this study to effects caused by industries and their practices. Below are the major resultant factors that happens due to mis-management of available resources.

  • Carbon Emissions

  • Deforestation

  • Ocean Pollution

  • Ozone layer depletion

  • Land Degradation


Carbon Emission:

We are not here to explain how carbon emissions affects our plant for we are all aware of its various consequences. We are here to explain the system of emissions to you so that the chain is understood for undertaking proper steps of prevention.

Any industry if they use the existing resources thoughtfully and diligently, the emissions could be cut by a whopping 40%. Such a practice doesn’t require complex systems change or expansion plans. Carbon emissions are resultant of any energy intensive process involving fossil fuels. Such a system of emission can be

Direct emission

Direct emission involves any activities initiated by the end industry client for the direct use of its benefits. Such an emission system gives a direct idea of the carbon foot print left behind. Fossil Fuel based generators are a good example of the same following which is grid power consumption based on fossil fuels like natural gas and coal. In most cases the share of emissions of Direct emission can vary from ranges of 35% to 55%

Indirect Emission:

Indirect Emissions are resultant of the support functions employed by the primary industry through various suppliers. It also involves the use of any equipments/machines by the primary industry for its use internally. Such manufacturing process and energy consumed by direct suppliers contributes close to 35% to 45% of the indirect emissions. It is at this stage where the accountability becomes less clear due to the system being branching out and the benefits being spread out to various sub-systems.

Third Degree indirect emissions:

Though quite far from the primary industry, third degree indirect emissions forms 15% to 25 % of the indirect emissions caused by the same. These are resultant of the emissions caused by the suppliers of the suppliers and so on. The picture becomes hazy once the chain is lengthened giving a lack of clarity on the consumption. But from the ratio of emission vs benefit, we can safely conclude the above understanding.
Once we have branched out the systems of emission, it becomes easier to identify where to start. This also gives an idea of the effect it could bring on productivity based on its exposure. So, our aim is to tackle the emission based on the systems of emission. If the system is not viewed the end client specific, the indirect emissions forms the bulk of emissions. But due to the benefits being shared by various sub-systems, it wouldnt be fair to point the finger on the one client in picture. If sufficient processes are identified to reduce the direct emissions, it achieves a major reduction in the overall emission from specific client contribution. The process is easier as the decision making body is inside the primary system. It is understood that Indirect emissions cannot be directly controlled due to limited aspects of exposure to its systems and decision making process. Such emissions can be controlled by deleting or replacing certain process from the system which are either energy intensive or providing less returns for the amount of energy spent. Alternative processes could be employed to achieve the same

Once any of these emissions causing processes are reduced, the effect of this wave is channelled across the various subsystems through its suppliers. Such a practice can have far reaching effects beyond understanding.
To know more about how we tackle the other challenges through innovative and logical understanding of phenomenon, please write to


Green Investing

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[tab title=”Overview”]


Investment is viable towards any industries or a combination of similar industries. But such an investment drive without the real understanding of the possible consequences can have far reaching effects on the planet. Funding a company which could provide greater returns for investment but with the cost of environmental degradation and similar negative effects can have far reaching effect on the citizens and the planet at large. It is a perfect circle where the investor itself is affected in the large scheme of things. Environment responsible investment practices are not even a topic of imagination for investors.

Green Investment is the practice of employing conscious investment decisions to support industries that strives to make this earth a better place to live. We aim to channel the investment interests into industries that manufacture or service environment friendly and sustainable solutions. Such a company has the core operations dedicated to provide green products and solutions. This doesnt include companies with environment friendly drives as thats treated as a support function and the company doesnt derive income from those solutions.

We assist and advice in investing in companies that makes this planet a better place to live. To know more about the investment assistance that we provide, please see the next page.

[tab title=”Services”]

We have various range of investment assistance options based on the revenue generation and green initiative concerns.

Investment solutions for independent renewable energy based grid power supplies:

Our country is grappling with a serious of power shortage and despite best efforts we are still running short to meet the supply as against demand. This adds a serious threat to environmental sustainability as any drives to increase this supply could result in more fossil fuel based power systems.

We aim to bring those bright and visionary individuals who wants to resolve this energy crisis through the supply of renewable energy and thereby giving a win-win situation for both industries and nature to prospective investors. Such a startup of idea requires to be funded with much enthusiasm as the result of such an action can have far reaching effects which are much important than just the returns it brings forward.

We provide you with all kinds of supports starting from identifying such an entrepreneur (from our list) and presenting his business plan to help you take an informed decision. We continue our support through with the share holding patterns and other legal formalities involved in funding such an idea. This can be extended to companies that are existing in operations and requesting for funds for expansion. To know more about investment opportunities for green energy companies, please email us to


Investment options/assistance to construct own renewable energy based power systems for grid supply/captive systems

If you are a company who has own green ambitions and want to bring out the same, then we can help you to achieve the same. This is spread across various domains like wind,solar,hydrokinetic,tidal,wave etc. We will make up for the lack of technical and regulatory knowledge. Using the synergy evolved from our various divisions, we can even implement the power system for you.


Our services in this field can be for the below stages

  • Selection of technology
  • Project Report
  • Feasibility Study
  • Government Approvals
  • Power buyback Commissioning
  • EPC
  • Operations
  • Handover
  • Maintenances


Microinvestment in grid power supply based on renewable energy:

Microinvestment is a revolutionary investment facility in the field of renewable energy. The details for the same is being withheld pending the regulatory provisions to implement the same. Do watch this space later for update.

[tab title=”Insights”]


The energy sector in India has a lot of space to mature. With such opportunities brings tremendous opportunities of investment. If the data over the last 10 years are to be believed, then India will have a power shortage of close to 20% in the coming years. With the rate of strain on the existing resources and the increasing hunger for industrialization, only renewable energy stands the as the viable alternative in securing the power needs of not just India but also the world. Our insights are broadly understood as a popular finding with the masses. But its the deep down understanding of reasons, that makes us different.

  • Demand Supply Gap

  • Transmission Challenges to Difficult Terrains

  • Inefficiency of Transmission Systems

  • Lack of awareness of renewable sources

  • Limited supply of fossil fuel



Foreign Investment

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[tab title=”Overview”]

Anton Consulting helps expatriates and foreign companies to start a new company or open a new branch in U.A.E, Oman and Slovakia.

Anton Consulting offers comprehensive consultation for investing in U.A.E, Oman and Slovakia. The range of support starts from mere consultation regarding registration procedures up to joining hands as a local sponsor or a JV partner. With our expertise in dealing with the business environment of the countries we serve, we help you to identify the right potential and take the right steps while investing or starting your offices in a new country.

We can help you in setting up your offices, assisting visa formalities, create project reports,give market intelligence, acquire licenses once you have decided to enter a country. In case if you already won/in the verge of securing a project in these countries and not sure of how to go ahead, then we can assist you in getting everything sorted for the formal starting of operations.

We are kept updated with all the latest economic indicators and other developments and thus offers you an insider information regarding various numbers that would come to define your success in these countries. Once you are in the country, we help you to generate leads for prospective projects and also guides you to the resources. Due to our contacts in various levels inside and outside the ministries, clients etc, we can make sure that you do not loose out due to competition from local players.

We can act as the Local Sponsor for giving you a legal sanctity to enter in Oman/U.AE/Slovakia or offer you a JV option to open your own company.

[toggles title=”Foreign Investment Support Options” active=1 speed=500]

[toggle title=”Joint Venture”]JV(Joint Venture) option is for foreign companies who wants to enter a new country as an LLC(Limited Liability Company) in Oman or U.A.E or S.R.O(equivalent to LLC) in Slovakia.Click here to know more[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Local Sponsor”]Local Sponsoring option is for expatriates or small time business owners to start operations in Oman to cater to various business opportunities.Click here to know more[/toggle]


[tab title=”JV Partner”]

JV(Joint Venture) option is for foreign companies who wants to enter a new country as an LLC(Limited Liability Company) in Oman or U.A.E or S.R.O(equivalent to LLC) in Slovakia. The formation of LLC is guided by rules which varies according to each country of interest. JV ensures that your new business operations are managed just like other countries with complete control of finances and the direction of operation but guided by the knowledge of the local market expert.

JV is recommended for big corporates looking to expand there operations as a foreign investment company in a new territory. The share holding pattern is typically 70:30 with 30% being the local partner contribution. This can also be revisited as per the specific requirement of the foreign entity. For more information regarding the formalities, please email or talk to him on Phone:+1-(650)-646-7697.

We also can help you in identifying new business opportunities in these countries if you are looking for expansion. Such consultations forms a bouquet of offerings which takes care of all the requirements for investment right from idea to start of operations.

[tab title=”Local Sponsor”]

Local Sponsoring option is for expatriates or small time business owners to start operations in Oman to cater to various business opportunities. As we understand that small and micro industries incur higher costs per earnings for setting up offices in new countries, we would like offer quality support and consulting options for the same. Also, attaining registrations and licenses can be a daunting task for those who do not enough resources within the country.

Many of our existing clients are from U.A.E and India who wanted to catch up with the booming economy of Oman. Local sponsoring is done by very prolific and distinguished local Arabs who has enough resources to help you create your businesses. For a detailed services info and other opportunities available with us, please visit the next page.

[tab title=”Services “]

Our services towards investment assistance are unparalleled with various value added services not available with various other sponsors.


Project Feasibility

(For new projects that has been identified for on the verge of grabbing a new project, we help you identify the financial and business feasibility of doing that project)


Market Research(for getting a better idea of the business potential)

(We give you the supply demand scenario of any given industry along with the past performances of the sector, client details, competitors information,  economic indicators, government policies in favor and against and other informations that help you to develop a business strategy)




Registration and all other formalities of Company.

(We help you to register your company with the relevant authorities, obtain municipal trade licenses and apply for the initial round of visas for the top management. This would enable you to attain legal sanctity into doing business in Oman. On top of that, we also help you with registrations with various government bodies for pre-qualification on a pro-rate basis(this happens over a period of time as companies take years to get registered with all relevant bodies). However, guidances shall be always available regarding the person to meet in each department for individual registration)



Visa formalities for investors

(Visa formalities for investors/top management are the primary round of visa that would be arranged which includes the labour clearance from the Ministry of Manpower/HRD. This will enable the top management to hire the right P.R.O for future operations and this would finally be taken into the admin facility of the company.)


Guidance to market knowledge resources in terms of projects

(We can help you to gain access to resources that publishes the tenders and other lead generation tools. We also can help you to gather as much relevant information as possible regarding such projects both private and governmental)





Introductory meeting with policy and decision makers from various departments

(We can arrange meetings with the key decision makers in various ministries and sectors and also give you a chance to demonstrate your prowess so that when a file comes on the table, they would be able to weigh heavily on the impression we created)





Meeting with various existing clients

(If client information is what matters, we have access to various companies across the country right up to the position of CXOs,MDs and Presidents. We can arrange  meetings for you to develop various business prospects. Currently, we are most active in the field of Construction, Mining and Petroleum Industries)


Office spaces and Ware houses arranged for lower rentals

 (Finding and office space wouldn’t be a run in the rain as we would be able to arrange office spaces at the best rates or even rent you our own office spaces until you get your own. Ware houses can be offered on a nominal rent as against the standard pricing structure and clearly making us a one stop shop.)




Reports on various costs incurred for starting and operating a business activity

(Return of Investment is a crucial part of any business and estimating the right operating costs remains the main factor. We can help you with basic salary structures  in various levels of employment as prevailing in the market. We also help you with identifying other fixed costs throughout the operation so that your finances can work more efficiently)




Human Resources

(We help you to identify local talent as due to various government policies requiring promotion of local employment opportunities. We can also guide you with hiring expatriates from various trades and thus minimize your efforts for the same.)





and much more.

For more information, please email or talk to him on Phone:+1-(650)-646-7697.



Customer Connectivity

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[tab title=”Overview”]

We understand the connection between the products/services and the consumers for your business. We help you identify how to deliver your products/services in the way the consumer wants. We use our indepth region specific knowledge and the consumer sentiment to identify how a great product like yours can be accepted by the consumers such that it enables us to help us to strategize your delivery methods more efficiently thus saving costs related to marketing and delivery.

With proven track record in capturing markets and timely fulfillment of orders/quotations in the Middle East for various sectors all together, we have decided to enhance the capability in more areas of interest.

Do you have a great product/service?We will get it sold for you the way the consumers want it.

[tab title=”Services”]

Creation of consumer demand interface

Warehouse inventory

Effective Supply Chain Management

Delivery Transport Management

[tab title=”Strategy”]

We identified that the customers always want to have the best of experience and the ease of use in dealing with online platforms of purchasing. Many of these experiences were not upto the standards while many had lag and functionality issues which couldnt give the perfect and ultimate shopping experience. We have managed to crack the interface issues to introduce the next generation shopping.


Developing UI Experience

Selection Process and Checkout.

Warehouse intimation

Delivery as per demand.

To further understand how we manage to incorporate this idea into your business, please write to us in

[tab title=”Insights”]

According to Anton Consulting, ‘Customer Connectivity Improvement’ is indirectly a green solution offered to the nation and its citizens. By creating a better delivery option, the energy exchanges involved in flawed systems can be nullified. This results in better price and lower energy consumptions and creates a self sustainable system of consumer-supplier relation. The economic results of such a system is not comprehensible at the microscopic level of shorted time span. However, the results are plausible after a period of time which will prove for itself.

All over the world, especially in India, the bottle neck issue and inadequate supply management systems makes the procurement and delivery of products a nightmare.

Further to it, a customer has to negotiate traffic and various other city based challenges to make the purchase possible.

Our system revolutionizes this experience bringing down the expenses of both the retailer and the consumer. This system creates much more economic and environmental significance. To know more about the same, please write to us.


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