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Jan 12, 2013   //   by admin   //   Clothing  //  No Comments


Started in 2009 under the brand name of Noya Apparels, we are a premium clothing manufacturer with established brands in denims,t-shirts and other fashionableapparels for both men and women. Operating in over 3 countries, we find  export destinations in the Europe,Middle East and Africa. With talented in house designers and manufacturing team we are able to keep the strictest measures for quality, comfort and delivery options.


Due to our superb selection of material and quality produce, we also are the choice of external manufacturing units for established labels. With various clothing mills under our direct management and supervision, we can fulfill any quantum of orders and styles. Such manufactured produce finds market both abroad and local. We also own and operate showrooms in selected locations giving the customers the complete access to our product range.


So, if you are either a brand owner or a retailer, we have something to offer for all.

We have amazing business opportunities. Please click here


Dec 31, 2012   //   by admin   //   Clothing  //  No Comments

Anton Clothing has grown from its humble beginnings into creating leading brand labels respected across the fashion industry. Our labels reflect the latest fashion and taste of the generation while providing a comfortable clothing experience.Our fashion designers have lent quite a lot of imagination to our models making it a preferred fabric brand among the upper class. Armed with exquisite taste of design,style and comfort Anton Clothing has brought forth some of the best fashion apparels in the industry. Check out our brands as below.



There is no real language for youth except for a perfect pair of denim jeans. Willy denims are just a reflection of the same emotion. Inspired design from Europe and bold statement goes hand in hand with Willy. Being one of the finest fabrics in the segment, Willy denims are preferred for their comfort and the portrayal of style statements. Keeping up with the times, the designs have caught the eyes of both teens and grown ups and still can pack a punch with good old classic styles as well. With over a handful of models and styles, Willy boasts of an unparalleled image in clothing world. Check out the latest fashions at the Willy store near you.





More Brand information to be updated.

With loyal customers across M.E, Asia, Africa and Europe, we are the preferred clothing manufacturer offering superior design and comfort. To deliver this, we have enabled state of art manufacturing facilities across India while keeping our costs down. This enables us to create well known brands in the market at competitive prices and it is not a wonder that the demand has increased abroad.

For further information, enquiries, brand information, launches etc please contact us. Alternatively, please email our Brand Manager at or call on +91-9900522404(India)  or click here to find the closest office location for your country.


Dec 30, 2012   //   by admin   //   Clothing  //  No Comments


Anton Clothing started as an outsourced manufacturer of apparels of leading brands at that time. After continuously demonstrating the superior quality of work it was only a matter of time to launch own Brand labels.

However, we still maintain the business activity and thus fulfilling the orders of clients across the world.We undertake bulk manufacturing order requests from any brands across the world and also do tailored manufacturing orders like uniforms for institutions,hospitals,organizations etc.Our manufacturing mills are state of art and efficiently managed by our own team and thus ensuring the quality of the finished goods. Our capacity has recently been increased from 7500 Pcs to 10,000 per day by way of transferring more clothing mills under our direct management.


If you own a brand or clothing label, please contact us for finding the best solutions to cut down your manufacturing costs. Regardless of wherever you are in the world, we can undertake your request to manufacture the clothing materials of your own brands at reduced costs due to the efficient use of our manpower,machinery and knowledge. Having lesser costs involved in procurement and manpower, the same benefits can be passed on to the client thus significantly reducing the operations costs. Reduced concentration on the manufacturing also lets you concentrate more on the creativity part or designing stream well.








1,Identify the style/material/clothing that is fast moving in your brands.

 2,Send us a sample/samples by courier placing RFQ for ‘x’ number of pieces.

3,We will do the reverse engineering and give you a quote for the same which includes the transport upto your port of entry.

 4,Compare the same with your existing manufacturing costs.

 5,Once the agreement is reached, your product will reach your port on the committed date ready for clearance.


For further information, enquiries, terms and conditions please contact us. Alternatively, please email our manufacturing department at or call on +91-9900522404(India) or click here to find the closest office location for your country.


Dec 29, 2012   //   by admin   //   Clothing  //  No Comments


Anton Clothing has been exporting clothes from many years. Wether own brands or outsourcing order, exports forms a major part of our revenue and an integral part of our activity.

With local offices present in various regions, it makes our supply chain management more efficient with direct control of the process. Such a facility helps us to maintain satisfied customers as it is easier for a retailer/distributor or a brand owner to receive the finished products in their country by avoiding the transportation and clearance hassles.

Our Brands are present in Africa, Middle East, Asia and Europe and available with leading retailers. Our outsourcing operations cater to clients from U.S, Canada along with the other locations where we already have a presence through our brand.

We offer very good service on exports and delivery all across the world with a dedicated team for managing the supply chain. No matter wherever you are in the world, we can get our product to you right on time and defect free. We can assure you that we give the most competitive all inclusive prices for CNF,CIF and FOB terms.

For further information, enquiries, brand information, launches etc please contact us. Alternatively, please email our ExportManager at or call on +91-9900522404(India) or click here to find the closest office location for your country.


Dec 28, 2012   //   by admin   //   Clothing  //  No Comments


Anton Clothing is looking for distributors, retailers and clothing traders for promoting and marketing our brands around the world. Currently we own and operate exclusive retail stores along with other prominent retailers in India for our brands. Though we have presence in various locations outside India, we are looking expand our presence across the globe by finding the right business partners for each region.

We can provide CIF,CNF and FOB prices. Due to our expanded network, supply chain capabilities and local offices in various countries, we can deliver the finished goods on time and also in a cost effective and efficient manner right up to the port of entry for the client. Thus this relieves you off the transportation and clearance nightmare. This facility is available in countries where we have established presence by way of other group companies belonging to Anton Solutions.

So if you are an retailer without import privileges or a distributor who would like to receive the product at your country of operation, we present the easiest to way to promote our brands. However, if you do not require freight or clearance options, we can also give you an FOB price and let you manage the means of transportation and other procedures.

We guarantee strict quality control and material selection and would be second to none. Samples and product catalogues can be shipped to the clients based on request.

We also undertake clothing manufacturing orders of reputed brands across the world and thus if you would like your brand to be manufacturer in a cost efficient manner, we are the one to help. This would also include custom clothing for school,hospital and other uniform clothing as well.

For further information, enquiries, terms and conditions please contact us. Alternatively, please email our marketing department at or call on +91-9900522404(India) /  or click here to find the closest office location for your country.

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