Promoting Employment

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Anton Solutions aims to promote responsible employment. Our employment opportunities are not for the educated elite alone but for everyone. We are not here to be a typical corporate that wants hire the best of brains and top of the level experiences executives, engineers or supervisors. We believe that we are here for a purpose and that purpose is to serve those who fall out in the race for career building. We do not believe that knowledge from education is the only key to success but the ability to get things done. We promote employment among sections who could loose in the race to make careers and positions due to the lack of competitive skills, training and opportunities. That is why we have chosen to promote employment from the socially underprivileged, the unemployable and all such strata of society which otherwise are ignored .

Anton Solutions works hand in hand with Indian Anthropological Association and various NGOs working for the tribal and rural up-liftment and rehabilitation. While the resultant human resources are semi-skilled and in most cases un-skilled, Anton Solutions makes up for it by providing suitable training to convert them to valuable manpower. They are chosen and selected not based on ability but on the faith in our own system that anyone can be employed if they are trained in the right way.

As such, we have reserved 90% of the employment to the socially under-privileged to make a change in the lives of those who never even had a dream. At Anton Solutions, it is our philosophy that effective management of manpower can lead to efficient results regardless of the quality of the manpower. Thus we serve the nation by creating a working class out of the unemployed and thus contributing to the economy of the nation.

Tribal Welfare

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One of core areas of our interest in social development is promoting employment among tribals. Due to various obvious reasons, the education and related opportunities have still not penetrated into their society to bring about a proper change. Thanks to various organizations and trusts, we are witnessing changes. But is always agreed that there is a very very big window of opportunity to bring them up. They also belong to our nation and very much entitled to the collective wealth and resources of the country.

We believe that ignoring the fact that they are uneducated, they are still an effective source of human resource. They are hardworking and dedicated in most cases and would definitely suit the case of a perfect employment. Also, it is only by bringing them up can we help them in giving a different life for their children and thus promoting them into being more quality citizens of the state.

Anton Solutions works hand in hand with NGOs to decide various modes of rehabilitation and providing permanent jobs suited for their capabilities. This also includes the fact that we invest in training to equip themselves with the right skill sets. Such an opportunity provides them a fixed monthly income which gradually elevates them from level of poverty and other issues. By providing healthcare and education opportunities, the community is given a new boost of power into developing into quality citizens.


Connecting Worlds

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Imagine a remotest village in the mountainous terrain in northern India without even a road or an electricity connection boasting of the facility of a hospital, e-school or even a bank?

Thats exactly what we are trying to achieve. We are here to connect the isolated worlds together. Everything is possible only with energy and energy is the driving force of all developments. But how do we bring transmission lines to 100s of kilometers through the treacherous mountains and forests? Even considering the resources being available, can we imagine the logistical nightmare or the design implementation not to mention the time frame to get the completion done.

This is where Anton Solutions come into picture. With innovative thinking Anton Solutions identified that the power can be created or harnessed to be put rightly even in remotest areas and thus completely avoiding the need of expensive and challenging process of rural electrification through grid power supply. With notably understanding the negative effects of centralization of power (refer here to know about decentralization benefits), it wouldnt be the effective and right solution.

Anton Solutions have innovated the renewable energy systems that they can harness the running flow of water, or the sun while it shines of the wind while it flows. Once such an energy system is available, we bring the magical world of internet and thus suddenly, a bank or a telemedicine kiosk or e-learning school is developed.  Once an unknown landscape now goes hand in hand with the progress of the country as effective governance is achieved with the world of networked communication.

Thus we are here to connect you to everyone and them to you.

Social Responsibility

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We believe every corporations has a responsibility to the society. The degree of the reflection of that responsibility makes that corporation the one that promotes social sustainability. It could range from providing rural healthcare, education, employment and any other means to support some aspect of the society.

Anton Solutions decided to take it to the next level by diverting more than 60% of the resources and activities for the promoting of socially responsible activities. Our operations also promotes social sustainability along with its products and thus we champion the causes of the society. It is our interest to give the right living conditions to the employees and for his family. We support the family through education, healthcare and other basic requirements that come to play a bigger role in the development of sustainable communities.

Environmental Responsibility

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Environmental Responsibility is one of our primary target and dedicate our operations and resources to achieve the maximum state of the same. That is why, we are committed to building only less energy intensive products which while coming to being would have created lesser carbon foot prints and would continue to do the same during its life time. It also degrades naturally into the nature and thus not polluting the environment.

Our environmental responsibility initiative is not an extra policy but one that is built to within. We create systems that promote this lifestyle among the consumers and thus help to spread the message. It is not easy to channel such an approach in all stages of our operation but Anton Solution hopes to strike that balance and still continue to prosper as a company.

We undertake studies and research about the various locations and the effect of the activities within and outside the system. We come up with solutions that helps us to negate the negative impacts of activities on the environment. We also develop technical solutions for using such hostile environments. This way, we help each locations to utilize its strengths and root out its own weakness and thus promoting an environmentally sustainable way of living.

Powering Dreams

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We are here to make things work and by doing that, we help you to achieve your goals. With various technologies that can be combined together to create some unique systems, we make things possible.

It is our innovative idea that makes children from even the remotest part of the world learn about science or history or whatever they wish to learn. It is our technology that gives them light even when all the lights go out covering the world in darkness. It is our technology that shelters them all day and night from various  even unknown dangers. We give the people the power to go for what they want and thus, we help them realize there dreams.

A telemedicine kiost saves 100s of lives by helping to taking preventive action through right tests before it is too late. Who makes it possible?

An e-learning classroom serves knowledge to 1000s of children who could never afford to even go to a real school. Who makes it possible?

A community grappling with power outage can avoid burning the midnight oil because of an innovative system that works at night. Who makes it possible?

A land of regrettable waste is turned into an energy resource that comes to support industries. Who makes it possible?

A destructive force of nature converted into a constructive source of power. Who makes it possible?

Anton Solutions makes this all possible. This is just a start as we believe that the world of opportunities are quite high as the sky. We are here and we hope you touch your life one day and empower your dreams to fly high!

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