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Plastic Polymer Emulsion (PPE)

One of the challenges faced by the construction industry is finding an alternative for the traditional expensive road construction methods, roads and pathways are a must for any construction activities […]

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Wind Farms for Energy Generation

Wind energy is now towards becoming the main stream energy. The deployment of wind energy has been increased in recent years. Wind farm is a group of wind turbines which […]

Wind Power Systems For Houses

This paper attempts to discuss what wind power is and how it is used for mankind. Wind energy that can be utilised at the microlevel by man for various purposes. […]

Various large scale renewable energy supply to electricity grid in India

Renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, biomass, and hydro can reduce the negative impact of climate change also it increases the energy accessibility to far off areas . Subsequent […]

Various kinds of Rotors/Propellers in hydrokinetic tubines,

A Hydrokinetic turbine is a turbine originator to generate electricity in a free run environment. It does not require a dam . It is utilized in the special term called […]

Various forms of Solar Panels

Solar Energy is the second most widely used renewable form of energy after Hydropower. It is predicted that solar energy will show a steady increase and will provide a third […]

Various forms of hydrokinetic turbines

Hydrokinetic turbines use the kinetic energy stored in flowing water to generate more usable forms of energy. In ancient times turbines have application only in small water bodies but with […]

Use in Inverters in solar power system

A solar photovoltaic system harness solar energy to generate electricity. Inverters are the main component of a solar power system. They convert DC current from solar panels into AC current […]

Types and efficiency of solar panels

Solar panels can be differentiated in to following types on the basis of material used-   Thin Film Modules Silicon Modules Polymer Modules   Thin Film Modules – They connect […]

Types of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is energy which is derived from natural processes and can be replenished constantly. There are mainly 4 types of Renewable energy: Biofuel Biomass Geothermal Hydropower Solar energy Wind […]

Tips of Long Lasting Battery Life

This paper discusses and explains to the reader about the concept of battery and various ways to protect the life of the batteries for effiecient use of components. Battery: a […]

Tele- Medicine For Remote Villages

This paper briefs the reader about the concept of tele medicine, the need of tele medicine especially in remote villages. The advantages and disadvantages for the same. Tele- Medicine: the […]

Tailored power solutions for villages

Sustainability of a country largely depends upon the development of rural sectors in the country. The development at grassroots will ultimately strengthen the economy of the country. Energy reforms in […]

Studies needed before implementing a renewable energy power system

Renewable Energy power systems is accessible in varied resources , followed by numerous technologies. It is noticied that there are two types technologies which are used for such systems one […]

Solar water heating systems for houses

Solar Water heaters or SWH systems are special models created to utilize solar energy for obtaining hot water for various purposes. Solar water heating (SWH) systems consist of numerous innovations […]

Solar Powered Villages across the world

Solar power is used throughout the world at various places. Putting in place many innovative systems on large and  small scales. There are many solar villages all over the world. […]

Solar Power Systems for Home

This paper attempts to briefly discuss about the Solar power system in general context and later its application and efficiency in home environment. Hence let us first try to understand […]

Solar based Power System Components

A solar power system is a photo voltaic system which converts solar energy into electricity. It is inter connected system with each having specific function. Solar energy basically refers to […]

Solar based Power backup system for industries

Solar energy is used for various purposes , these days it is widely utilized technically in creation of systems which would be helpful for power backup. Solar technologies are mostly […]